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David Ter-Oganian

David Ter-Oganian burst onto the Moscow art-scene with the energy and will of a young genius. In his laconic and clear artistic language is seen love for the abstract, inherited from his father, and the decisiveness of the revolutionary. His art is strong in its plastic freedom and formal simplicity.

The artist is at home in absolutely diverse techniques -in painting, and in performance or photography, and in multi-media art-provocative forms. He handles all the instruments of art freely.

In Art-Moscow-2000, in the anti-global project of Hans Knoll, he showed the silhouettes of battle, abstract and furious Ц symbolic stones, bottles of petrol. In the Workshops of Art-Moscow-2004 he received the "Black square" award Ц the highest prize Ц for the series of pictures "Operation", where in the language of abstract painting he tells of some powerful act. He made this after Beslan, bringing Malevich and Zlotnikov into the reality of contemporary war.

His works of recent years, a series of virtuoso discoveries of form, demonstrate the reference to internal searches and the abstract art of the USA of the 50s.

Alexander EVANGELY

2006 Ц
You are arrested (together with A. Galkina). Moscow
2004 - Dormants. XL-gallery, Moscow.
2003 Ц Second Hand. Gallery "France", Moscow
Shadows. XL-gallery, Moscow
Bomb. Gallery Showcase, Prague
Kisses. Gallery "France", Moscow
Posters. Squat "na Milade". Prague
Fotolove. Gallery "France", Moscow
Party 3. Gallery "France", Moscow

Gate keepers of new. Budapesht
Chzechpoint. Prague
Bang-bang. Sen Etienne
Kultura Radek. Display Gallery, Prague
tomu ver ty... Bratislava
Stop! Who is coming? NCCA, Moscow
Made in France. Sakharov's Museum, Moscow
100% vision. Regina Gallery, Moscow
Instead of Art. Zverev's Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Prague Biennale
Manifesta-4, Frankfurt

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