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Vladimir Salnikov

Born: 1948, Chita, USSR
Lives: Moscow
Painter, video artist


1966-1971 BA. in Moscow Institute of Printing Art, Graphic Department
1959-1961 Children's Art School of Sverdlovsk's Art College, Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg)


"Dancing Siva and His Adept", 9', film director
"Premapping of Desire", 08', film director
"Park Kultury", 4', art director
"With Nature Tete-a-Tete", 4', art director

Personal Exhibitions

"Life's Style is Journey", in cooperation with Nina Kotel, "Union Gallery", Moscow

"Preserved Landscape. On Ruin of Ganre", Union Gallery, Moscow

"Spaces, Saved by Us are Subject to Our Will and Senses", Art Media Center "TV Gallery" and National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

"Thoughts", "Studio 20" Gallery, Moscow
"Humans in the Age of Electronic Copy", "Art Media Center "TV Gallery", Moscow

"The Niece of the Artist", Institute of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg "The Niece of the Artist", "Obscuri Viri" Gallery, Moscow
"Holliwood", "Studio 20" Gallery, Moscow

"Naive Spouse", Gallery "Velta", Moscow
"Man Ray. Cadeau", Experimental Department of Center for Contemporary Art, Mosow

"Artist and Critic", "Studio 20" Gallery, Moscow
"Body Teaching", Center of Post-classical Researches of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow

Personal exhibition in editorial offices of "Literaturnoe Obozrenie", Moscow

Collective and group exhibitions from the end of 80th

"Iskusstvo", New Art from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev", Kunstverain of Rosenhiem, Rosenheim, Germany

"Traditions and Innovation", National Center for Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Ivanovo
"Serials", "Manezh", National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
"Car", "Vertical sweep", exhibitions' serial "Technical Symbols of XX Century", National Center for Contemporary Art, Polytechnical Museum, Moscow

"Total Recall", Art Media center, "TV Gallery", Moscow
"Alexander Pushkin's Show", National Center for Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhnii Tagil, Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg, Museum of Fine Arts, Ufa, Museum of Fine Arts, Samara

"Moscow Artists", National Center for Contemporary Art, Yaroslavl, Municipal Gallery, Kostroma, Landscape Museum, Ples, Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhniy Novgorod

"Credo", "Metamorphosis of quiet life and still life", Fund for Culture, Moscow

"Galleries in the Gallery", Moscow's galleries in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"Artoteka", Goethe German Cultural Center, Central House of Artists, Moscow

"Ready-Made Political Party", Guelman Gallery, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow

"Pictures from Russia", Moscow Palette Gallery, Moscow

"Monuments: Transformation for the Future", ICA Moscow, Independent Curators Inc, Central House of Artists, Moscow,
"Monumental Propaganda", ICA, Moscow, Independent Curators Inc, Financial World Trade Center, NYC, NY
"Ethnic Tradition and Post Modernism", Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

"In the middle of the peace", Tomsk Art Museum, Tomsk "KKKK", House of Artists, Moscow

"Contemporary Artists to Malevich", Malevich Center, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"Name", ART-MIF, Moscow

"Troe", ART-MIF, Moscow
"Soviet Avant-Gard Art, 1920-1980", Moscow Palette Association, Minsk
"Pyramid", Moscow Palette Association, Melbourn

"Graphics", Moscow's Cultural Center, Central House of Art, Moscow
From 1968 to 1988: Various group exhibitions in Moscow and abroad Projects

"Salon Digital" Expo 2000, Goethe Institute, Germany, Art Media Center "TV Gallery", Mathematic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

"Die Sonderkinderstube", "Yasenovitsa", "Toxic Money", in cooperation with Nina Kotel, Studio of Visual Anthropology in the Contemporary Art Center, Moscow


Museum of Mayakovsky, Moscow
Russian Ministry of Culture, ROSIZO, Moscow
Art Museum, Tomsk
Museum of Art, Nizhnyi Tagil
Museum of Art, Novokuznetsk
Museum of Art, Orel
Stavropol's Regional Museum of Art, Stavropol
Museum of Czech Literature, Prague, Czech Republic
Museum of Art of the 20th Century, Lodz, Poland
Collection of the Grand Duc of Luxembourg


"Serials" by Theodor Romer, "Itogi", September 5th 2000
"The Critic-Copier" by Ivan Liberov, Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Julay 26, 1999
"Spaces, Saved by Us are Subject to our Will and Senses" by Theodor Romer, "Art Diary", May 1997
"Virtual Guru" by Ilia Falkovsky, "Independent Newspaper", March 28, 1997
"The Artist wants be the Kashpirovskiy" by Ekaterina Degot, "Commersant Daily", #32
"Couldn't See It as Your Ears" by Elena Panteleeva, "Elle", February, 1997
"Ears More Pretty Then Faces" by Yana Zhiliaeva, Moskovskiy Komsomolec, December 29, 1996
"Save Our Ears" by Stas Solovkin, Novaya Gazeta, October 7-13, 1996
"Abandon Yourself to Your Desires" by Ludmila Lunina, "Segodnia", #210, 1995
"The Art for People and Without People" by Nina Kostuchkova, Segodnia, #120, 1995
"The Art for Recording" by Elena Petrovskaya, Segodia, #101, 1995
"The Tableau Noir or Friend of Ours" by Vladislav Kornev, Segodia, #101, 1995
"Sea's Left a Trace on Her Face" by Ludmila Lunina, Segodnia, #101, 1995
"Lotta in the Reichstag" by Vladislav Kornev, Segodnia, #91, 1994
"Vladimir Salnikov Cadeau" by Sergey Epikhin, Moscow Art Magazine, #2, page 53, 1993
"The Classics' Attraction" by Andrey Kovalev, Segodnia, #38, 1993
"Spring Sketches: What Is Love?" by Andrey Kovalev, Segodnia, May 25, 1993
"Nude Nature" by Ludmila Lunina, Stolica, #5, page 43, 1993
"Vladimir Salnikov shows female body", Commersant Daily, # 52, 1993
"Studios of Moscow Contemporary Drawings" by Enricco Navarra, Paris Edition - France page 113-123, 1989
"The Graphic's Mystery" by Aleksey Ivanenko, "Culture and Life", # 3 1985
"How To Draw a Bird" by Natalia Smirnova, World of Books, # 10, page 37-39, 1983

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