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TV Gallery

"TV GALLERY" is an independent enterprise, established in 1991 aimed towards the creation and production of non-commercial cultural projects connected with video and television.

The prime activities of "TV GALLERY" are searching out independent creative potentialities in the sphere of video, i.e. the production of video preformances, the organization and video documentation of different experimental art actions, preparation and augmentation of video art festivals and exhibitions.

The second focus of our work is the collection of video archives of cultural life, i.e. chronical recordings of the most significant events taking place both in our country and abroad.

One more trend in "TV GALLERY" is creating TV-programs and films about art and art-business. These are aimed to provide a wide audience with information about current movements in contemporary art and also to form a civilized art market in our country.

Founder & Director — Nina Zaretskaya

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