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The Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS)


The Moscow Architectural Preservation Society (MAPS) is a lobby group of foreigners living in Moscow. We work in close cooperation with Russian preservationists, architects and historians to raise awareness about the present destruction of the city's historical buildings.

Through international contacts, we are working to give Russian preservationists and Muscovites a greater international voice. We believe that every effort should be made to preserve certain buildings. MAPS will also endeavour to convince the City Government that the continued demolition of old Moscow is not in the city's long-term interest.

MAPS neither seeks nor accepts financial contributions.

MAPS will:

1. Encourage debate in the international arena by providing

the press with information.

2. Organise a series of articles by foreign preservation activists for Russian newspapers and magazines.

3. Send out press releases when we hear that a particular buildings in danger.

4. Create a bilingual website for articles and announcements on buildings and demolition in central Moscow.

5. Hold joint photo exhibitions with international preservation groups.

6. Hold events during which architects, preservationists and developers can meet and exchange ideas.

If you are interested in taking part in MAPS and receive bulletins about our work, please send your email address to

For access to Tearing Down Moscow, a series of articles in The Moscow Times go to:

Ekaterina Sultanova. Manezh as a model of Moscow. someone is losing...

Moscow buildings. Letters to the Editor // Kevin O'Flynn, The Times, June 11, 2004

Maria Levitov. Preservationists Take Fight to the Wider World // Moscow Times, June 1, 2004

IRINA TITOVA. A group of foreign journalists working in Moscow on Thursday announced the creation of a group aimed to preserve the many architectural treasures and raise awareness about what they say is the fast-paced destruction of a history that took centuries. // Associated Press, 31 May, 2004

Valeria Korchagina. City Says Manezh Can't Be Restored // The Moscow Times

Borislav Mikhailichenko. Architectural Landmarks Slated for Privatization // The Moscow News

Kevin O'Flynn. Angry Architects Lobby Putin // The Moscow News, 27.04.2004

Historic building policy slammed // Agence France-Presse, 27.05.2004

How Moscow's reconstruction is putting profit before preservation //, 27.04.2004

Kevin O'Flynn's series of articles, Tearing Down Moscow, in The Moscow Times

Russia: Moscow Is Becoming A Developer's Dream, Historian's Nightmare

The third bulletin of the Moscow Architectural Preservation Society (MAPS)

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