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Aidan Gallery

јйдан √алере€

"Aidan Gallery" (founded in1992) is one of the first private Moscow galleries. It's owner Ц Aidan Salakhova Ц has been among those who established "The First Gallery", the really first private Moscow gallery that dealt with contemporary art.

"Aidan Gallery" main sphere of interests in contemporary art is a paradoxical combination of such trends as post-conceptualism and neo-classicism since in the heart of the Gallery's philosophy lies a wish to retrieve the dematerialized "aesthetic body". Thus, the Gallery's politics is to collaborate with artists that consciously deny new technologies and apply to the traditional notion of "beauty" that is based, however, on the aesthetics of the 20th century art.

The Gallery and artists that follow its ideology aspire to revive traditional visuality. They are preoccupied by pure aesthetic problems and ignore fashionable but transient themes. "Aidan Gallery" exhibits art works that are intellectually advanced, formally elaborated and combine cool aestheticism and superficial ease. The Gallery's artists strive to reach such a visual perfaction that their pieces look sometimes like a needlework, but are in the same time inflated with senses and connotations.

There is no surprise that Timur Novikov, a patriarch of modern Russian art and the founder of the St. Petersburg art school named "New Academy", had come to be one of principal exhibitors of the Gallery. His works harmonize fundamentals of conceptual representation (photography, geometric abstraction, ready-made etc.) with handicraft thoroughness of embroidery and sewing thus positioning a stable balance between two opposite approaches to art form treatment Ц avantguardist reduction and academic totality. Novikov's pieces can serve as symbol of a strategy "Aidan Gallery" adheres to from the very beginning.

Sergej Shutov is well-known in Moscow art world as an innovator who easily introduces futuristic motives into the realm of classic painting. Playing with materials and textures he keeps to the basics of pictorial codex reframing its rules just by visionary subjects. His last project "ABACUS" was exhibited at Biennale di Venezia 2001 and had a great success.

Anatoly Shuravlev and Olga Tobreluts belong to different generations of artists. But in their works one can find the same attachment to formal completion and disdain to ephemeralvalues of nowadays. It doesn't matter which means are in use Ц computer or photo camera, Ц the only goal for both artists is to grasp a core of the Style begotten by old Masters.

Nostalgia for the High Style lost in the modern age struggle against the very matter of art also guided Michail Rozanov, Stanislav Shuripa and Michail Ukhov that appeared on the Moscow art scene in early 90s. Young artists consider the whole of art history including postmodern era as an inexhaustible source for their artistic reflection.

Tatiana Panova, Dmitry Kochanovich and Vladimir Kolesnikov inspired by mannerist spirit of century coming to the end and the begining of another century are exploring reality in search for objects cleared of preconceived human looks and cultural aura put on the world by the subject-observer. Everything Ц pebble on a sea shore or graffiti Ц can be the basis of their work which stresses authors' intention to see unique aesthetics in usual phenomena. Being principally devoted to traditional conservative art techniques, young artists resist seduction of the newest techniligies, call it in question and subject to ironical analysis, rather preferring to imitate a computer stylistic by means of traditional phototgraphy, paint and brush than to use any electronic media.

The paintings by Maria Pogorjelskaya are colourful and merry all year around, her first exhibition in Aidan Gallery "Beach" excited everyone with it's expretion of joy.

Another artist Valery Panov appeared to be very nostalgic, thow he is young, with his first exhibition "Beautiful"

The last "opening of "Aidan Gallery" is Helena Berg with her exhibition "Beauty and the Beast" that was presented in the gallery at the beginning of 2003. Artificial nails, hair, eyelashes were presented like pictures, also she exhibited the used packaging that was really unusual.

The "Aidan Gallery's" artists' work can be characterized in three words Ц Style, Mastership and Aesthetic perfection.

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