Vladimir Yankilevsky


Vladimir Yankilevsky is born in Moscow. His father, Boris I. Yankilevsky, an artist (he was at Vladimir Favorsky's studio in the thirties), is his first teacher.
1949-56 Studies at the Moscow Secondary Art School attached to the Surikov Institute of the USSR Arts Academy.
1957-62 Arts Faculty of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.
1958 First "independent" paintings.
1961 First triptych (Triptych No. 1: Classical).
1962 First personal exhibition, at Moscow University.
The same year, participates in the notorious Manezh exhibition visited by Khrushchev.
1962-75 Participates in numerous "non-official" exhibitions in Moscow, including several personal exhibitions.
Various exhibitions in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France.
The first articles and books appear.
1975 Participates in the first officially permitted exhibition of "non-official" art, held at the Beekeeping Pavilion of the Exhibition of Economic Achievement in Moscow.
1978 First official personal exhibition in Moscow.
1987 Second personal exhibition (Retrospective) in Moscow.
1988-1995 Personal exhibitions in the United States, Germany, France, Belgium.
Since 1989 works in New York and Paris.


1962 Moscow. Moscow University (May).Ernst Neizvestny and VladimirYankilevsky.
1965 Moscow. Biophysics Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences. VladimirYankilevsky.
1966 Prague. Galerie Bratri Capku.E. Neizvestny and V. Yankilevskij.
Moscow. Zholtovsky Street Hall. Vladimir Yankilevsky: One-day exhibition and public discussion.
1978 Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall (20.05-5.06). Vladimir Yankilevsky and Eduard Shteinberg.
1987 Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall (26.06-12.07). Vladimir Yankilevsky Painting and Graphics. Retrospective.
1988 New York (30.04-21.05); San Francisco (16.06-10.07). Eduard Nakhamkin Fine Arts. Vladimir Yankilevsky.
Bochum. Museum Bochum (29.10-4.12). Retrospective: Vladimir Jankilevskij. 1958-1988.
1989 Cologne. Galerie Koppelmann (2.06-2.07). Vladimir Jankilevskij. Objekte Ц Olbilder Ц Zeichnungen.
1990 New York. Berman Ц E.N. Gallery (22.09-15.10). Vladimir Yankilevsky. People in Boxes.
Paris. Fiac. Galerie Dina Vierny (25.10-1.11). Vladirimir Yankilevski. Pastels.
Paris. Galerie Dina Vierny (November). Vladimir Yankilevski. Pastels.
1992 Paris. Galerie Dina Vierny (16.12.92-20.02.93). Vladimir Yankikvski. Autoportraits.
1994 Paris-Levallois. Centre d'Art contemporain La Base (24.09-22.10). Vladimir Yankilevski. Monument heroique.
Dusseldorf. Galerie Clara Maria Sels (28.10-4.12). Vladimir Jankilevskij.
Brussels. Ruben Forni Ц Art Gallery (10.11.94-14.01.95). Vladimir Yankilevski: Collages.
1995-96 Moscow. The State Tretyakov Gallery (20.12.95-28.01.96). Vladimir Yankilevsky. Retrospective.


1962 Moscow. Bolshaia Communisticheskaia Street Hall. Jointly with the exhibition. Beliutin-Studio Group.
Moscow. Manezh. 30th Anniversary of the Moscow Chapter of the USSR Union of Artists.
1965 Aquila (Italy). Alternative attuale II.
1966 Venice. Biennale di Venezia.
1967 Rome. Galleria II Segno. Quindici giovani pittori Moscoviti.
Florence. Galleria Pananti. Nuova scuola di Mosca.
1970 Lugano. Museo di Belle arti (11.09-11.11). Nuove correnti a Mosca.
Cologne. Galerie Gmurzynska. Die Russiche Avantgarde in Moskau Unite.
Zurich. Galerie Renee Ziegler. Sechs Sovietische Kiinstler.
1973 Paris. Galerie Dina Vierny. L'avant-garde Russe. Moscou 1973.
1974 Bochum. Museum Bochum (12.01-10.02). Progressive Stromungen in Moskau. 1957-1970.
1975 Moscow. "Pchelovodstvo" pavilion of the VDNH (Bee-keeping Pavilion of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements) (19.02-26.02). Twenty Moscow Artists.
1976 Paris. Palais des Congres (2.11-21.11).La peinture russe contemporaine.
1977 Venice. La Biennale di Venezia (November). La nuova arte sovietica. Una prospettiva non uffidale.
Washington, D.C. The Arts Club of Washington; Ithaca, NY. The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University (17.01-26.02). New An from the Soviet Union.
London. Institute of Contemporary Art (19.01-27.02). Un official Art from the Soviet Union.
1978 Antwerpen. Galerie Campo, Sept artistes russes.
Bochum. Museum Bochum (3.02-1 1.03). 20Jahre unabhiingige Kunst aus der Sowjetunion.
Tokyo. Municipal Museum (27.09-12.10). Modern Un official Soviet Art.
1979 Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall. Exhibition of Graphics.
Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall (17.02-28.02). Color, Form, Space.
1980 Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall (21.05-5.06). Exhibition of 19 Artists.
1982 Moscow'. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall (5.04-17.04). Paintings of Ten Artists.
1983 Bochum. Museum Bochum. Das Prinzip Haffnung. Aspekte der Utopie in der Kunst des 20Jahrhunderts (October-November).
1985 Bielefeld (West Germany). Das Zentrum fur interdisziplinare Forschung der Universitat Bielefeld (7.06-30.06); Bochum Museum (10.08-15.09). Moskauer Kiinstler. Jankilevskij, Kabakov, Schteinberg.
Budapest. Museum of Fine Arts. Twentieth Century Graphic Aits from Hungarian Collections.
1987 Moscow. Kashirskoe shosse Hall. The Artists and Contemporaneity.
Moscow. Malaia Gruzinskaia Hall.Object. I.
Moscow. Petrovskie Linii Hall. Graphics from the 1960s and 1970s.
Moscow. Beliaevo Hall. Union "Ermitage". Retrospective: Works of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987.
1987-88 Hamburg-Munich-Moscow-Leningrad. Krieg und Frieden mit den Augen von Kiinstlem.
1988 Bern. Kunstmuseum. Ich Lebe Ц Ich Sehe. Kiinstler der achtziger Jah're in Moskau.
Dresden. Kupferstich-Kabinett der Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (3.08-4.11). Erik Bulatow, Wladimir Jankilevski, llja Kabakaov, Oleg Wassiliew.
Seoul. National Museum of Contemporary Art. Olympiad of Art.
Cologne. Museum Ludwig (2.07-21.08). Sowjetkunst Heute.
New York Ц London Ц Moscow. Auction Sotheby's. Russian Avant-Garde and Contemporary Soviet Art.
1989 Luzern. Kunstmuseum (25.05-10.09); Barcelona; 1989/90 Saint-Etienne; 1990 Luxemburg; Stockholm; 1991/92 Vienna. Von der Revolution zur Perestrojka. Soivjetische Kunst aus der Sammlung Ludivig.
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1990-91 Moscow. The State Tretyakov Gallery (14.12-14.02); Leningrad. The State Russian Museum. The Other Art. Moscow. 1956-1976.
1992 New York. The Art Show. Leonard Hutton Galleries.
1993 Moscow. The State Tretyakov Gallery. An of Postmodernism.
1993-94 Cologne. Museum Ludwig Koln in der Josef-Haubrich Kunsthalle Koln (16.10.93-2.01.94). Russische Avantgarde im 20, Jahrhundeit. Die Sammlung Ludwig.
1994 New York. Leonard Hutton Galleries (27.10-22.12). Small Formats.
1995 Paris. Musee Maillol Ц Fondation Dina Vierny (Inauguration).
St. Petersburg. The State Russian Museum (May 10). A gift from the Collection Ludwig to the Russian Museum.
New York. The Jewish Museum (September 2 1, 1995 Ц January 2 8, 1996). Russian Jewish Artists in a Century of Change 1890-1990.
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Paris. Galerie Dina Vierny (October-November). Boulatov, Kabakov, Yankilevski.


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Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/people/yankilevsky/

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