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Alexander Yakimovich


Born 1947, Leningrad, in artistic family. Studies of art history at Moscow University in 1967-71. Dissertation on theoretical problems of Baroque and Classicism in European art submitted in 1975.
Research Fellow at Art Research Institute in Moscow in 1978-83. Studies of contemporary art scene of Russia. Member of International Association of Art Critics (IAAC - AICA) since 1986. Lectures in universities and colleges of Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, England, Spain, USA.

Vice-President of IAAC-AICA in 1992-1994. Numerous publications on Avant-Gar\-de and Postmodern art and culture in Russian and Western press. 1993 - cultural prize INTER NATIONES (Germany). 1995-96 Guest Professor for Modern and Contemporary Russian Art at the Freie Universitaet, Berlin. 1997: Consultant of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale.
1997-1998: grants of the Russian Foundation for Humanities and the Presidential Cultural Foundation given for research work on the Epistemology of the Avant-Garde. September 1998: text ready of the book MAN'S OTHER EYES: Art and Thinking in the 20th Century (Russian and English versions). Since 1998 research fellow at the Moscow Institute for Cultural Studies.


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