Ira Waldron

Born in St Petersburg, USSR.
London (1982-1987)
Paris (1987-1992)
Moscow and Paris (1992 – present)

Member of the French Artists' Union
(Maison des Artistes)

Personal exhibitions:

1985 Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1992 Galerie Xavier Delannoy, La Garde Freinet, France

1995 "L" Gallery, Moscow, Russia:
"Clothing and footwear"

1996 "L" Gallery, Moscow)
1997 "Mitki-Vkhutemas", St Petersburg)
"Social Hygiene"

1999 Marat Guelman Gallery,Moscow
State Centre of Modern Art, Nizhny Novgorod
State Russian Museum, St Petersburg
"Fuck you, d'Anthes"

2001 Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Ex voto"

2002:Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

March 2003 One Work Gallery, Moscow.

Group exhibitions:

2004 FIAC. The international contemporary art fair, Paris. Within the Guelman Gallery exposition.

1983 Miro & Spizman, London

1984 New Grafton Gallery, London: "Artists of Today and Tomorrow"

1984 Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1985 Smith Gallery One, London: "Contemporary London Painters"

1987 Galerie Marie-Therese Cochin,

1989 Lido, Paris: "L'Art Contemporain russe" (Contemporary Russian Art)

1991 Galerie Xavier Delannoy, "Six Artistes russes"

1993 Musee de la Poste; Paris,"Temporary Address"

1998 A.D. Sakharov museum, Moscow: "Human Rights"

1998 I.E.Repin museum, Moscow: "Motherland"

1998 Zverev Centre, Moscow; Pushkinskaya 10, St Petersburg,"My Country or My Life"

1998 "Dar" Gallery, Moscow:"An experiment in identification"

1998 "Phoenix" Gallery, Moscow: "A Girlfriend"

2000 Volga-Balt tanker, Thessaloniki, Greece, "In the Open Sea" (five Russian artists)

2000 State Russian Museum, St Petersburg/Marat Guelman Gallery, "Art against Geography"

2000 "Art Moskva", Moscow: "Claudia's lovers"

2000 State Historical Museum, St Petersburg ) "Memory of the Body"
2001- Central House of Artists, Moscow) (Soviet-era underwear)

2001 "Escape" Gallery, Moscow, "Amateur Photography"

2001 "Art Moskva", Guelman Gallery

2001 Marat Guelman Gallery, "Warhol Connections"

2002 State Tretyakovskaya Gallery, "Art of the Female Kind", Womens' art in Russia from the 16th Century to the present day

April 2002 "Art Moskva", Guelman Gallery

January 2003 "Beware, religion!", A.D.Sakharov museum, Moscow.

April 2003 "Art Moskva", Guelman Gallery and One Work Gallery

August 2003 "Art Klyazma"

November 2003 "Frontiers of Childhood", Artek Gallery, London

November 2003 "Nature morte", Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

Works in public Collections:

- State Russian Museum, St Petersburg
- Museum of Modern Art, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
Russian State Tretyakov Gallery

Works held in private collections in Russia, England, France, USA, Germany.

Contact details:
22 rue du Four, 75006, Paris, France
Telephone: (33) 01 43 26 60 59

24/7 Myasnitskaya. Stroenie 1, podeszd 8, mansarda VI, 101000 Moscow, RUSSIA
Telephone: (7 095) 775 8567, 733 34 29 (mobile)

Full address:

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