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Pair Vrubel and Timofeeva (Dmitry Vrubel and Victoria Timofeeva)

Selected personal exhibitions

New Testament Project. Special exhibition in the framework of Art Moscow art fair. Central House of Artist.

2007. M. Guelman Gallery at Winzavod, Moscow

Project "Great People". NTV, Moscow

Portrait of an Epoch. Portrait of a Region. Federation Council, Moscow
Portrait of an Epoch. Portrait of a Region.Kaliningrad
Portrait of an Epoch. Exhibition and an auction for the Beslan children. Moscow house of music, Moscow

From Dawn till Dusk, Moscow
Portrait of an Epoch. Apartment gallery of Vrubel, Moscow
VVPx12, Moscow

Mr Putin. Moscow
Putin and Black Square, Moscow

Twelve Moods of a President, Moscow

Insider Outsider. Moscow
Mamut at the Arists'. Moscow

Happy New Year Mr. President! Moscow

Orgy of Humanism. Moscow
Happy Birthday, Alla! Moscow

1997 2001
Series of a projects "Portrait as a gift", Moscow
Red point. Gallery "Velta", Gallery "Expo-88", Moscow

Artist's Diary. Grey exhibition, Moscow
Privat album. Vrubel gallery, Moscow

Bible project of Dmitry Vrubel. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Dmitrij Vrubel. Russische Gesichter". B.A.T. Kunst Foyer, Hamburg, Germany

Mommy. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Dmitri Vrubel's New Paintings. Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, Moscow

I suspect you in everything. Manezh Gallery, Moscow
Ich traue Dir lles zu. "Die Wohnmaschine", Berlin, Germany
I don't know what I should do next. Vrubel Gallery, Moscow

House of Culture of Moscow Energetic Institute, Moscow

Selected group exhibition

Kalashnikov. Maslaev Gallery, Moscow
Photo exhibition, Museum of photographic collections. Gallery A-3, Moscow
III Cetinje Biennale, Montenegro

Sotheby's. Restaurant "Balchug Kaminski", Moscow

Quartart for export. Lomo Depot, Vienna, Austria
No Man's Land. Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center "Nikolaj". Copenhagen, Netherlands
Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995 Tsaritsino collection of contemporary, Tsaritsino Wilchelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen-on- Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Cassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
Jenseits der Mauer. Kleine Humboldt-Galerie der Humboldt-Universitat. Berlin, Germany
in Moskau... in Moskau... Badischer Kunstverein. Karlsruhe, Germany
Charity auction in favor of burn center of children's hospital #9. Contemporary Russian painting and graphic art. Sotheby's, "ART Myth". Hotel "Metropolis", Moscow
5th anniversary of M. Guelman Gallery, House of artists on Kuznetsky most, Moscow
I am vulgar. I am real. Gallery Art 5 III, Berlin, Germany Inside me and Outside me" (together with V. Timofeeva). Under the "Interregnum". Kunsthalle Nurnberg, Nurnberg, Germany

XXV exhibition "Quartart. Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
Europa-94. Munich, Germany
Europe Rediscovered. Copenhagen, Denmark

Dedicated to VII conference people's deputy. M. Guelman Gallery, CHA, Moscow
Conversion. M. Guelman Gallery, CHA, Moscow
People and documents (together with N.Agafonova).
Embassy of FRG, Moscow
Art Hamburg-93. Inge Gerbert booth (Berlin); M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow; Galerie Sprovieri, Rome; Hamburg, Germany
Art Chicago-93. Maya Polsky Gallery booth. Chicago, USA
Exchange. Moscow

Humanitarian supplies, package for Germany.
27 Moscow artists. CHA, Moscow; Humanitare Hilfe, Packchen fur Deutschland. Tranenpalast, Berlin, Germany

Sowjetische Kunst um 1990 (Binazionale). Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Germany; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; CHA, Moscow

Kunstlerische Konfrontationen (P. Novitsky collection). Altstadtisches Rathaus, Torun, Poland
Art Frankfurt-91. Union Gallery booth (Moscow). Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Eurokunst-91. Kunstverein, Hannover, Gallery
Art Expo Tokyo. "Brodovsky art agency" booth (Berlin). Tokyo, Japan
Museum am Chek-Point-Charlie (Berlin). CHA, Moscow
N. Kertselli, A. Djikia, D. Vrubel. "Kashirka", Moscow

Berlinishe Mauer. East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Zeitgenossishe Sowjetishe Avantgardisten. Kunstleragentur Brodowsky, Berlin, Germany
Traditions of Russian painting. Museum of history and Moscow reconstructions, Moscow
Made in Germany (together with N. Kertselli and A. Djikia). Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
XXIV exhibition of "Quartart". Vrubel Gallery, Moscow

Interart-89". Poznan, Poland
XX-XXIII exhibitions of "Quartart". Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
N. Kertselli, A. Djikia, D. Vrubel. Redaction of magazine "Decorative art USSR", Moscow

Labyrinth. House of youth, Moscow
Idea. House of youth, Moscow
Myth and reality. House of youth, Moscow
Interart-88. Poznan, Poland
Moscow artists' graphic arts: to the city and the world. CHA, Moscow
Festival of contemporary art. House of culture "Meridian ", Moscow
Together with Y. Nepakharev, M. Smekalin and D. A. Prigov research institute of physical chemistry named after K. Y. Karpov, Moscow
XI-XIX exhibitions of "Quartart". Vrubel Gallery, Moscow

First exhibition of Avantgardists Club. Peresvetov lane, Moscow
Cubism. . Avantgardists Club. Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
Djordano Bruno (together with "Champions of the World" group). Vrubel Gallery, Moscow
V-X exhibitions of "Quartart" (together with "New Sad" group). Vrubel Gallery, Moscow

Artists of Octyabrsky district. City Museum of Architecture, Moscow

Artists of Octyabrsky district. Schusev state museum of Architecture, Moscow

Joint exhibition with group "Mukhomor". Moscow Engineering and physics Institute. Rokuehll Kent Club, Moscow

Dmitry Vrubel & Victoria Timofeeva. 2007. May 18 - June 20, 2007, Marat Guelman Gallery (Moscow)
Painting of the Year // by Brian Droitcour, The Moscow Times, May 25, 2007

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