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Yuri Solomko
outside Russia

1961 Born in Crimea
1986 Finished Art School in Krasnodar
1992 Finished Kiev State Art Academy
Resides and works in Kiev

Selected personal exhibitions
Scale of Depths and Heights, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Borders, Art Gallery Space LAB, Cleveland, USA
Parts of the world, Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Cartography, RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
Hot Cool Orientation, Szuper Gallery, Munich, Germany
Transit, Decima Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
Personal Exibition, Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions
Group Exhibitions (selected):
Crimea project-II, Livadia palace, Crimea, Center of contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine
Cartographers, Umetnostna Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia; Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary ; Zamok Uezdovsky, Warsaw, Poland
Cartographers, Museum of contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatian (catalogue)
History of Love, Collaborative Kiev, Odense, Toulouse artists, Kiev (catalogue)
Peer Gynt, Kunstforening, Trondheim, Norway (catalogue)
Vision Art, National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
Top Secret, Blank Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
Black-White, Brama Center for Contemporary Arts, Kiev, Ukraine
Art Impressions, Alipiy Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine (catalogue)
Converse, Central House of Artists, Moscow Russia
Gruppe-90, Palais Palffy, Wine, Austria (booklet)
Impreza-93, Biennial, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine (catalogue)
Pochatok, National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
Shtil, Kiev Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
Artists of the Paris Commune, Kiev, Ukraine
Exhibition of Ukraine Artists, Center of Culture Marvinholm, Ystad, Sweden (catalogue)
Three Generations of Ukrainian Art 1960-80, Municipal Art Gallery, Odense, Denmark (catalogue)
Babylon, Palace of Youth, Moscow, Russia
International Exhibition of Young Artists from the social Countries, Moscow, Russia
Grants, Residencies

1997 - Golden Section in Contemporary Art. International Art Festival, Kiev, Ukraine (catalogue)

Grants, Residences:
1996 - ArtsLink Residency, USA
1996 - Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
1995 - Art Colony, Galichnik, Macedonia
1995 - Kultur-Kontakt, Wien, Austria (catalogue)
1993 - Kultur-Kontakt, Wien, Austria (catalogue)

Duke University Museum, USA; Museum of Russian art of Alexander Glayzer, Riga, Latvia; World Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Moscow, Russia; Gradobank, Kiev, Ukraine; Collection of T. Crendeleva, Kiev, Ukraine. O.Kutnyak, France

B I B L I O G R A F Y:

Sklyarenko Halina. Ukrainian Art 60-80 // the Catalogue. Kyiv, 1989.
Cartography by Yuri Solomko//Dilova Ukraina (Business Ukraine). 1996. March 13. #18. Kyiv.
Art on the map // Geography and school tourism. 1996. #4. Kyiv.
in the Mirror of Ukrainian Art // Catalogue. Trondheym, Norway, 1997.

Soloviоv Alexander. On ways raskartinivaniya // ХЖ (Art magazine). Moscow, 1993. #1.
Pinakoteka. New figuration // Catalogue Ukrainian Art of XX centuary.1998. Kyiv.

Prigodich Nadia. To peer at the image // Zerkalo nedely (Mirror of week), #11, March 16-22, 1996. Kyiv.

Sidor-Gibelinda Oleg. The map of the country called Solomko // City. #13. March 5. 1996. Kyiv.
About blood. And about " the Analysis of blood ". Analis // Art line. 1996. #1.Kyiv.
The changed world // Den (Day) June 25, 1998.

Dychenko Igor. Auction L, Art // the Catalogue. Kiev, 1996.

Kirechenko Elena. The fashion Designer, who are putting on a naked body political map of the world a culture // Vedomosty. May 11. Kyiv.1998.

Klochko Diana. At last features? // Art line.#3.1997. Kyiv.

Vysheslavskiy Hleb. Exhibition - fair of modern art // Terra incognita. #1-2, Kyiv. 1994

Stukalova Katya. Untitled // Catalogue Art impressions. Kiev, 1994.
Kostuchenko Micola. Untitled // Booklet Transit. Lviv. 1994.

Yakovleva Natasha. Yuri Solomko Maps // DoDo. #7, February 16. Kyiv.1996.

Kozmina Anna. Scale of depths and heights // Kiev Post. 1998. July 3. Kyiv.

Solomko Yuri. Borders and control-checking posts // Parta. 1999. #2. Kyiv.
Untitled // Catalogue. Yuri Solomko. Moscow, Russia, 1996.
Untitled // Booklet Transit. Lviv. 1994.

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