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The Blue Soup

The Blue Soup

The Blue Soup Group was founded by Alexei Dobrov, Daneel Lebedev and Valery Patkonen in 1996. From 1998 it is run by: Daneel Lebedev (born in 1974, graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute) and Alexei Dobrov (born in 1975, graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute).



Viper Basel (international festival fuer film, video und neue medien) (Basel, Switzerland)

Neue Ansante (Contemporary Art from Moscow) (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Redefining Identities (Russian Contemporary Art in the Age of Globalisation) TATE Modern (UK, London)

The 6th Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin (France, Paris)


Moscow Minimalism ("Curator's choice" at Art-Frankfurt) (Germany, Frankfurt)

Transeuropa Medien Kunst Archiv (Austria, Vienna)

Melioration (Russia, Moscow suburbs)

Extra Short Film Festival (Russia, Novosibirsk)


Paralleles Kino (Graaz, Austria)
Art Moscow 2001. (Central House of Artists, Moscow)


Post-Soviet Montages (Montreal, Canada)
Extra Short Film Festival. (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Instrumenta 2000 Ц International Moscow Forum of Artistic Initiatives (Moscow, Russia)
Video Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)


Stuttgarter Filmwinter, (Stuttgart, Germany)

1997, 1998, 1999

Cine-Phantom Festival. (Moscow, Russia)


European Media Art Fest Ц EMAF'98 (Osnabruck, Germany)


New Film Fest'97 (Split, Croatia)


"Panorama". 2002. 1'30". Betacam.
"Three Wishes". 2001. 1'20". Betacam.
"Five Stars". 2000. 1'20". Betacam.
"Stop". 2000. 1'00". Betacam.
"Air". 1999. 1'30". Betacam.
"In Time of Trouble". 1999. 3'00". Betacam.
"Thunder". 1999. 1'00". Betacam.
"Report". 1999. 3'00". Betacam.
"Approximate Rockets' Sizes". 1998. 1'25. Betacam.
"The Cabin". 1998. 2'35" Betacam.
"Enlightenment". 1998. 0'30". Betacam.
"Hatch". 1998. 1'26". Betacam.
"The End". 1998. 0'45". Betacam.
"For Ever in the Wake of the Sun". 1998.4'30". Betacam.
"Mute". 1998. 3'30". Betacam.
"Ruisonderdrukking". 1997. 1'20". Betacam.
"Camuflage". 1997. 4'50". Betacam.
"Coitus Suite". 1996. 5'45" VHS.
"Dispatcher". 1996. 16'00". VHS.
"Seven High Buildings". 1996. 26'00". VHS.


Team-Work Award (13th Stuttgarter Filmwinter (2000) for video project "For Ever in the Wake of the Sun").
3rd Jury's Award (VideoLisboa 2000 for video project "Air").

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