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The Blue Noses Group

Founded in 1999

2006 Ц the Blue Noses Group is the nominee of the first NCCA Innovation prize in the nomination "Visual Art".
2006 Ц the Blue Noses Group received the prize for the artistic partnership "Soratnik"

Viacheslav Mizin
1962 born in Novosibirsk
1984 graduated from Novosibirsk Architectural Institute
lives and works in Novosibirsk and Moscow

Alexander Shaburov
1965 born in Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region
1985 graduated from Sverdlovsk College of Arts
since 1993 the member of the Artists' Union of the Russian Federation
1998 received grant from the Soros Foundation for denture treatment as an artistic action
lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow

* * *

In the art of the group "Blue Noses" are embodied the innovatory trends of Russian modern art Ц the communicatory and the comical. The artists work in zones, borderline for the aesthetic and social response, and with the most poignant problem for these zones and the general social state. The art of "Blue Noses", as a worldview, tends sooner to the Rabelais-like simple-hearted clear thinking, than to social criticism. Frequently their works represent video-documentation of some absurd and hilarious actions, performed by the artists as improvisations based on pre-prepared roles. The works of "Blue Noses" elegantly balance on the edge of the everyday and artistic phenomenon, reminding one of a half-professional, half-amateur video, where the intended fiasco is indistinguishable from a dilettante blunder. The model of the world of the "petty man" is affirmed through parody in diverse ways of ridiculing the fetishes of mass consciousness. "Blue Noses" mockingly imitate the high art of the XXth century, mass culture, television, glamour, the joy of leisure, the spectacle of sport, the sacred rituals of everyday life etc. The whole existential state of the petty man appears in their works in an energetic, sympathetically-idiotic manner.

Alexander EVANGELY

Selected personal exhibitions


Mind Games (together with Ilia Chichkan). M. Guelman Gallery (new space Winzavod), Moscow
Fucking Fascism. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow

Kitchen suprematism. In the programme of 6th Moscow Fotobiennale. House of journalist, Moscow
Casual concurrences. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Blue Noses. Kunstverein Rosenheim, Munich
Blue Noses. Galeria Brito Cimino, San Paulo

The Blue Noses. Etan Cohen Fine Art, New York.
The Blue Noses. Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin
The Blue Noses. KnollGalerieWien, Vienn
The Blue Noses. Galerie IN SITU, Paris
The Blue Noses. B&D Studio Contemporanea, Milano
The Vogue of Labour. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
The Blue Noses. Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense

Hit-Or-Miss Art (How to Build Up Works of Art Just in the Kitchen). M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
The Blue Noses Group. Display Gallery, Prague

Do I Look Like a Loser? State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow
Two Against the Russian Mafia. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Kiev; State Russian Museum, St Petersburg (catalogue)
From Siberia with Love. Arsenal, Nizhnyi Novgorod
Absolut Blue Noses. Zoological Museum, Moscow

Two Against the Russian Mafia. Kirov Museum, St. Petersburg
The Contemporary Siber Artists. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow

Out-of-Town Excursions-2. L-Gallery, Moscow

The New God' s Fools, or the Pathology of Performance. Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:

Marat's Choice. Special project of Marat Guelman Foundation within the 2nd Moscow Biennale. Russian State Museum of Contemporary History, Moscow
Artist's Diary. Special project of Marat Guelman Foundation within the 2nd Moscow Biennale. Central House of Artist, Moscow
Thaw. 15 years of M. Guelman Gallery. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

ARCO'2006, Madrid
FIAC. Paris (catalogue).

Russia -2. Bad News From Russia. WHITE BOX, New York
FIAC. Paris (catalogue).
Art that works. Catch me! 46th October Art Salon. Belgrade Cultural Centre, Yugoslavia
Russian Pop-Art. State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow
Always a Little Further. The Arsenale. 51st Venice Biennale (catalogue)
Expanded Painting. 2nd Prague Biennale (catalogue)
The Dialectics of Hope. Former Lenin Museum. 1st Moscow Biennale (catalogue)
Russia 2. M. Guelman Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow. Within the 1st Moscow Biennale (catalogue)
Gender Troubles. Moscow Museum of Moderm Art. Within the 1st Moscow Biennale
Accomplices. Collective and Interactive Works in the Russian Art of the 1960-2000s. State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. Within the 1st Moscow Biennale (catalogue)
Art-Digital-2004. I Click, Therfore I Am. M'ARS Gallery, Moscow. Within the 1st Moscow Biennale (catalogue)
Art-Kliazma-2005. International Contemporary Art Open-Air Festival. The Winter Factor, or Snow Maidens do not Die. Boarding-House "Klyazma Water-Reservoir". Within the 1st Moscow Biennale (catalogue)

FIAC. Paris (catalogue)
Bubble. Comics in Contemporary Art. M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Art-Kliazma-2004. International Contemporary Art Open-Air Festival. Boarding-House "Klyazma Water-Reservoir" (catalogue)
Watch out! National Museum, Oslo (catalogue)
Beyond the Red Horizon. Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (catalogue)
To the Resort. National Museum, Baden-Baden (catalogue)
Art-Moscow Workshop. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Thoughts on the Motherland. A.Akhmatova's Museum, St. Petersburg
"... and others". National Museum of Kyrgystan, Bishkek
6 Times Video. Within the 5th Moscow Photo-Biennale. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Festival of Intimate Photography. Reflex Gallery, Moscow
The Murmanck Connection. International Festival of Performance. Club Detox, Kirkenes
Carbon Club. Reithalle, Munich
Ahead of History. Perspectives of Art in the Baltic countries, Finland and Russia. KIASMA, Helsinki (catalogue)

The Center of Attraction. Triennial exhibition of the Baltic Countries, Vilnius (catalogue)
Davai! Free Russian Art Now. Postfuhramt, Berlin; MAK, Vienna (catalogue)
The 4th Cetine Biennale, Montenegro (catalogue)
Sniezinka / Snow-Maiden. New Art from Russia, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw (catalogue)
Moscow Time. Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius

FIAC. Paris (catalogue)
Art-Cologne, Cologne (catalogue)
Electric Visions. Contemporary Video-Art Festival of Russia and Northern Europe. the Film House, St Petersburg (catalogue)
Paradise Project, Alexanderplatz, Berlin (catalogue)
New Countdown. Digital Russia Together with Sony. Contemporary Art and New Technologies. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)
Observation Platform. Programs of the Actual Art. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Art-Constitution. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (catalogue)
Art-Klyazma. International Festival of Contemporary Art. Boarding-House "Klyazma Water-Reservoir" (catalogue)
Projection. Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod (catalogue)
Absolut Generation. Within the 50th Venice Biennale. Palazzo Zenobio, Venice (2 catalogues)
Art-Moscow Workshop. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)
We-They. Art-Moscow. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)
Davai! The Free Russian Art Now. Izhevsk, Cheboksary
Redefining Identifies. The Russian Contemporary Art and the Age of Globalization. Tate-Modern, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (catalogue)

Communication Between the Arts. 1st Valencia Biennale (catalogue)
Art-Moscow Workshop 2001. 25 Contemporary Russian Artists. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)

Art-Moscow-2000. 4th International Fair of Contemporary Art. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Dynamic Pairs. Art Against Geography. M. Guelman Gallery. Marble Palace, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (catalogue)

The Crazy Double. Strategy of Imbecility in the Contemporary Art. Central House of Artists, Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Chateau d'Oaron (catalogue)


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