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Alexander Shaburov

Ўабуров —аша ’ристос

1965 Ц Born in Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.
1985 Ц Graduated from Sverdlovsk College of Arts.
1986 Ц Graduated from Sverdlovsk Academy of Architecture and Arts.
Since 1993 Ч the member of the RF Artists' Union.
In 1998 he received a grant from the Soros Foundation for undergoing dentistry and denture as an artistic action.
Lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow.

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Projects:

Premiere "Two against the Russian Mafia" (with Viacheslav Mizin), Guelman-Gallery, Moscow
Venice Biennale. "Death the Venice" (with Viacheslav Mizin)
Absolut Blue Noses (with A.Shaburov). Zoo museum. Moscow
25 Short Performances about Globalization (with Viacheslav Mizin). Toynbee Studios, London

Two Against Mafia (with Viacheslav Mizin). Kirov Museum (St. Petersburg).
Russian Buddha. Guelman Gallery (Moscow).
Berezovsky Conceptualist. The Ways Some Will Die. Young PeopleТs Museum (Ekaterinburg).
Dentistry and Denture. Ekaterinburg.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
Davai! The Free Russian Art Now, Postfuhramt (Berlin), MAK (Vienna).
The 4th Cetine Biennale (Montenegro).
Snow-Maiden. The New Art from Russia, Zacheta Gallery (Warsaw).
Moskvos Laikas. Siuolaikinio Meno Centras (Vilnius).
Art-Moscow Workshop 2001. 25 Contemporary Russian Artists. Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val (Moscow).
The Dynamic Pairs. Art Against Geography. Guelman Gallery. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" (Moscow).
Guelman Gallery (Moscow); State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
The 8th Cairo Biennale. Egypt.
The Crazy Double. Strategy of Imbecility in the Contemporary Art. Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val (Moscow), Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Chateau dТOaron (France).
Passion Bearers, or the Pathology of Performance. Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow).
POST-VDNH. Museum of Fine Arts (Ekaterinburg).

As a group "The Blue Noses" Mizin and Shaburov work only about few years but during this period they realized some extremely successful projects: "Two against Mafia" - in The 4th Cetine Biennale (Montenegro) (2002), Absolut Blue Noses - in "Absolut Generation", Absolut Vodka. 50 Venice Bienniale, Palace Zenobio, Venice (2003), Death in Venice - in 50 Venice Bienniale, "Two against the Russian Mafia" - Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Istaqnbul biennale (2003).

Author of the Books:
The Book of the Books, Written Separately in April Ц May 1990 and Published Together in September Ц October 1992.
Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes in the Russian Translations and Transformations. 1991-92.
The Hero of Our Times. 1987.
The Life of a Superman. 1995.
The Joys of Ordinary People. 1996.
Shaburov A. The Joys of Ordinary Artists // Khudozhestvennyi Zhurnal. 1997, No. 17.
Berezovsky Conceptualist. Life and Creations of A. Ye. Shaburov (Catalogue). Ekaterinburg, 1998.
Berezovsky Conceptualist. The Catalogue of the Exhibition of Non-Realized Projects of A. Ye. Shaburov. Ekaterinburg, 1998.
Cultural Heroes of the 21st century, or Looking for Cinderella. Moscow: GIF, 1999.
Krzhivitskaya Ye. Poor Yoricks of Ekaterinburg Province // Khudozhestvennyi Zhurnal. 1998, No. 26-27.
The Dynamic Pairs. The 10th Anniversary of Guelman Gallery. Moscow: GIF, 2000.
Art Against Geography. From the Series of Experimental Exhibitions in the Newest TrendsТ Department of State Russian Museum. The project is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Guelman Gallery. Moscow Ц St. Petersburg: GIF, 2000.
Shaburov. A. Buddha-Tour // Khudozhestvennyi Zhurnal. 2001, No. 38.

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