Gia Rigvava

born in Tbilisi, USSR
studied at Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs, Department of International Economic Affairs
studied at Moscow Surikov Institute of Art, Department of Painting
professor in the State Academy of Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
worked as an Art Director in several independent film productions in Tbilisi, Georgia

Lives and works in Moscow

Personal exhibitions

"Golden words",Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"I Hate State", 1.0 Gallery, Moscow
Triohprudny Gallery, Moscow
"You are Powerless or All in All It Does Not Seem so Bad", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
White Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

Main Group Exhibitions

Autumn Exhibition (Guelman Gallery is 5 Years Old), Kuznrtskii Most, Moscow
"Kunst-kammer", 1.0 Gallery, Moscow
"Dedicated to the 7th Congress of Russian Parliament", Central House of Artists - Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Die Mysterian Finden im Hauptbahnhof Statt...", Mosel und Tschechow Gallerie, Munich, Germany
"Europaer", Grazer Kunstverein in Stadtmuseum, Craz, Austria
"Conversion", Central House of Artists - Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Identity - Selfhood", Museum of Contemporary Art, Athenium, Helsinki, Finland
"New Name", Palace of Youth, Moscow
"Heat and Conduct", Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, Great Britain
"Presence", Art Space Gallery, Bristol, Great Britain
"Sense World", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
"Inspiration", Sommer atelier - Hanover-90, Hannover, Germany
"We to Raushenberg - Raushenberg to Us", First Gallery, Moscow
"Inexpensive Art", First Gallery, Moscow
"New Art from Regions", Ethnographic Museum, Leningrad
"Les Temps du Revolution", UNESCO, Paris
"Labyrinth", Hamburg, Germany
Festival of Contemporary Art, Narva, Estonia
All-Union Youth Exhibition, Manege, Moscow
"Young Artists from Socialist Countries", Manege, Moscow
"Labyrinth", Palace of Youth, Moscow

Main press

SEGODNYA (Today), N 5, May 12 1993, Andrey Kovalev "Advices of Don Guan"
SEGODNYA (Today), N 51, September 1993, "Exchange", katalog
KHUDOZHESTVENNIY ZHURNAL (Art Magazine), N 1, 1993, p.11, "Actual interview"
KHUDOZHESTVENNIY ZHURNAL (Art Magazine), N 1, 1993, Evgenia Kikodze
KHUDOZHESTVENNIY ZHURNAL (Art Magazine), N 2, 1993, Andrei Kovalev
MOSCOW TIMES, April 7, 1993, Chris Klein Avant-Garde Art for Polilics Sake
ART MONTHLY, N 172, 1993-94, Sarah Wilson, Dereliction Conversion
SEGODNYA (Today), N 100, 31 1994, Andrei Kovalev "The State and virtual contrrevolution"
STOLITSA (Capital), N 22, 1994 Ludmila Lunina "Gia Rigvava: "You can depend on me

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