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Vitaly Pushnitsky
Saint Petersburg

Виталий Пушницкий

Windows. 1997. Oil on canvas, rope

Introspection XII. 2001. Oil on canvas

Introspection IV. 2000.

1967 - born in Leningrad
1988-1994 - studied in the Academy of Arts in St.-Petersburg
1994 - member of the Union of artists of St.-Petersburg
Till 1996 works in State Russian Museum in a Contemporary Art department
Lives and works in St-Petersburg

Selected personal exhibitions:

Translation, The State Centre of Photography, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Joseph Brodsky. Urania». Akhmatova museum in Fontane house, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Naked light». White Space Gallery, London, Great Britain
«The Sky». Square Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Introspection. The State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia
The CEC International Partners grant, New York, USA

Circenses et panem, Holstebro Musik Theatre, Holstebro, Denmark
The iron century poet, video and installation, Gallery 103, Pushkinskaya 10, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Works for private museum of Carsten Groneman, Ribe (Hwiding), Denmark

Black Boxes of Dreams, Freud's Dream Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Inventarisation Project for the Kunstkamera,
Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum Festival, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Introspection Project, Gallery Garden, Grindsted, Denmark
Olgod Museum, Denmark
St.-Petersburg Art Festival, Musikhouset, Esbjerg, Denmark

Reflections, A-Ya Gallery, State Centre of Contemporary Art, St.- Petersburg

Reflections Project, Gallery Garden, Grindsted, Denmark

Horsens City Library, Denmark
Private Hospital, Abenra, Denmark

European Cultural Capital Project, OLD HOUS, Kolding, Denmark
Nykobing Political Institute, Denmark

Borey Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Heron Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Selected group exhibitions:

Russian artists. Gallery Garden, Grindsted, Denmark
Artist's book, The German editions of 1960-90s. The Russian limited editions and book, book objects of 1995-2002, The Anna Akhmatova Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Park of sculpture and relaxation. Project Live Architecture. The Anna Akhmatova museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Art Genda Festival, Hamburg, Germany

Borey Gallery, Russian-German master-class. St.-Petersburg, Russia
MEDIA-PRIVET. The State Russian Museum, Marble Palace,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
Dembelsky Album. Project for the Anna Akhmatova museum. Soros Fund grant "The contemporary art in a traditional museum". St.-Petersburg, Russia
Re- МИР, Art Agents, Hamburg, Germany

Photoproject Interseason, Art-Ambulance. St.-Petersburg, Russia
Black boxes of Dreams. Introspection. Project for III International Performing & Experimental Arts Festival, St.- Petersburg, Russia

Art of still-life, State Russian Museum, Michael Castle, Russia
I International Graphic Novosibirsk Biennal, Novosibirsk, Russia

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