Pavel Pepperstein

Was born May, 29, 1966 in Moscow.
1985-1987 Ц studied in Academy of fine arts in Prague. The artist, the writer, the theorist of art.
The founder and a member of art group " inspection " Medical germenevtika " " Ц one of the most interesting formations (educations) in Russian modern art.

Personal exhibitions (selectively)

"the Girl and the tunnel", Kaufman, Zurich
"Bikini", Guelman's gallery, Moscow
"Exhibition of one conversation" (together with I.Kabakov and B.Grojs), Kunsthaus, TSug, Switzerland (without the name), Larivier, Paris

"from the Labyrinth!" (together with A.Grinman) in a museum of Israel, Jerusalem
"Things in the Landscape" (together with V.Pivovarov), " Obscure Viri", Moscow
"the Russia novel 2000". Ridzhina, Moscow
"Moisej" (together with group "Russia"), KunsHouse, TSug, Switzerland
"Expidition", Guelman's gallery, Moscow
"How to meet an angel?" (together with I.Kabakov), Gallery Sprovieri, London
"Two Angels" (together with V.Pivovarov), Karmelitenkloster, Graz, Austria

"Father and son" (together with V.Pivovarov), Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland

"Sweet darkness", gallery " Obscure Viri", Moscow
"the Field-glass and a monocle. Life and work", Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland

"the Portrait of the old man". Installation "MG" (at I.Dmitriev's participation), XL Gallery. SRM, Saint Petersburg

"the Circuit 3 and Frejd's Dreams" (together with A.Monastyrskiy). Galerie Pastzi-Bott, Cologne, Germany

"we your grandfather!". Raum der Inspection Medizinische Hermeneutik festival "Europa 94" Munich, Germany
"Illumination in the Tower". Galerie Inge Baecker, Cologne, Germany
"Procession". Human Space Art Center, Milan, Italy
"PARAMEN". Gallery Inzam, Vienna, Austria "Procession". Human Space Modern Art Center, Milan, Italy
"the White window". Country house Val'dbert, Fel'dafing, Bavaria, Germany

" Switzerland +Medicine". The Swiss Institute, New York, USA
"Figures on fields". Country museum MANI, the Moscow area
"Empty icons". L Gallery, Moscow
"Gold icons and a black line". Kunstferajn, Hamburg, Germany
"the Lateral sight on sakral'nost in the USSR" ("Blickwingel Ц Das Sakrale in der USSR") Gallery Inzam, Vienna, Austria
" Switzerland +Medicine" ("Sweiz + Medicine"). SHedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland
"19-91". Gallery Val'hetrum, Zurich, Switzerland

"Military Life of Small Paintings". Krings-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany
" Military Life of Small Paintings ". Gallery Krings-Ernst, Cologne, Germany

"Orthodoxe Ablutschunger-Umschlage and Abschlusse. Zwei Installationen der Gruppe MH". Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
"Three inspectors". Gallery Mladyh, Prague, Czechia
"Orthodoxe Ablutschungen Ц Umschlage and Abschlusse". Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

"Three children". Gallery Mladyh, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Group exhibitions (selectively)

Le pole du froid. Inspection Hermeneuitique Medicale et l'art russe des annees 1990. Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk et Paris

Mobile exhibition "The Mad Double", organized by the Society of collectors of the modern art (Moscow) and Apolloniej Ц the European art exchanges (Strasbourg). Moscow Ц Nizhni Novgorod Ц Samara Ц Yekaterinburg Ц lick Uaron (France)
December, 1999 Ц June, 2000 "Neues Moskau" Ifa-Galerie, Berlin

"Ecology of emptiness", IMA, Moscow
Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives ("Take off, dress on, never remove"). A small Arena, Moscow "Art Moscow 97". CHA. Moscow
"Art of nonconformists from the URRS. A collection of the modern art of museum "TSaritsino"". Budapest, Mucharnok.
"Icons". Within the framework of III Biennial of the modern art in TSetin'e, Montenegro.

"Holler, Hermeneuyik und die auf dem Wasser Sitzender" (Karsten Holler, " Inspection Medical germenevtika and Vadim Zaharov"). Gallery Sofia Ungers, Cologne, Germany
"Papier". Galerie Hohental and Litter, Berlin, Germany
"Strangers in Arctic". Rundertorn. Copenhagen, Denmark
Exhibition of projects in gallery "AIdan", Moscow
"Border of interpretations" RSGU, Moscow. An exhibition of Collection Sprov'eri in Karlsruhe Mobile exhibition "the History in persons. Modern Russian art, 1956-1996", organized dy a museum "TSaritsino", Nizhni Novgorod Ц Samara Ц Novosibirsk Ц Perm Ц Yekaterinburg

Kraftmesse. Kunstlewerkstadt Lotharingerstrasse, Munich, Germany
Exhibition "Travelers in Arctic regions", Copenhagen, Denmark (P.Peppershtejn together with I.Kabakov)
"No Man's Land". Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center "Nikolaj", Copenhagen, Denmark
"the Circuit 3 and Freid's Dreams" (an exhibition And. Monastryskiy and P.Peppershtejn). Galerie Pastzi-Bott, Cologne, Germany
"Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten. Russland 1957-1995". A collection of the modern art of museum-reserve "TSaritsino". Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen Ц na- Rejne; Documenta Ц Halle,
Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Al'tenburg, Germany
"Flight, a Leaving (care), disappearance", National gallery in Pragua.
"In Moskau in Moskau". Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany
The exhibition organized by museum "TSaritsino". Moscow.
"Art Cologne". Cologne, Germany

"Fluchtpunkt Moskau". Ljudvig Forus. Aachen, Germany
"Sprache die Kunst" Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Museum of Modern art
"Der Sprache der Kunst" ("Language of art"). Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt-na-Majne, Germany
"To see in darkeness" Ц Cetinjski Bienale II.
"Six Moscow kontseptualist". Gallery "Rigassi", Bern, Switzerland
"Pre-creation." Museum d'Art Modern. Freiburg, Germany
"The Moscow artists of 90th years". CHA, Moscow, Germany
"the Victory and defeat". Gallery Obscuri Viri, Moscow

"The Temprorary address of Russian art" ("Adresse proviso ire pour I" art contemporain russe"). Musee de la Poste, Paris, France "Fontanelle". Postdam
"Monuments: transformation for the future". IMA, CHA, Moscow; ICA, New York, USA
45 Biennialsm, Venice, the Step to the East. La Biennale di Venezia. "Passage de oriente". Venice Italy
"Nine Artists from Moscow". Galerie Rigassi, Bern, Switzerland
"Kontext Kunst 90". Kunstlerhaus, Graz, Austria; Pro-Creation, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Kunsthalle, Friburg, Switzerland "Exchange." Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland
"Kontext Kunst. The Art of 90's". New gallery, Graz, Austria
"Art Gamburg". Hamburg, Germany

"A Mosca a Mosca". Galleria Communale d'Art Moderna, Bologna, Italy
"Art first-hand, or apologia of shyness". Ridzhina, Moscow

"MANI the Museum", Frankfurt-na-Majne, Germany
"Unter Null (Kunsteis Kalte Kultur)". Zentrum Industriekultur, Nurenberg; Standtmuseum, Munich,
"Modern Soviet art: from a thawing weather before reorganization". A collection of the modern art of "TSaritsino". Setagaya Art museum, Tokyo, Japan.
Prospects of kontseptualizm, The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu; Clocktower Gallery, Public School-l, New York
"Mamka-space". Gallery "propeller"
"Vizbah". Dom Kultury, Bratislava, Slovakia
Exhibition "Sowjetische Kunst um 1990" "Binatsionale". Dusseldorf, Jerusalem, Moscow

"Mosca, Moskva, Moscow". Sala Umberto Bocioni, Milan, Italy.
"Artisti Russi contemporanei". Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Prato, Italy
"The Green Show". Exit Art. New York, USA
"In de USSR en Erbuteiten". Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
"There-here". Moscow
Exhibition "SHizokitaj: hallucination at the master". KLAVA, Moscow
"For cultural rest". "Kashirka", Moscow
"Between spring and the summer. Kontseptualizm in epoch of late communism " The Boston Institute of the modern art, Takoma/Boston, USA


"Prospect of kontseptualizm". IV Exhibitioneit. Messepalast, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Austria "Furmanny Zaulek". Dawne Zaklady Norblina, Warsaw, Poland


"USSR Heute". Sammlung Ludwig. Neue Galerie, Aachen, Germany; Musse d'Art Moderne, —ент-Ётьен, France
"Jenseits des Streites-Neue sowjetische Kunst". Kring-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

First Exhibition KLAVA "»— UNS“¬ќ. Moscow Ц Berlin/ Berlin Ц Moscow". DAAD- Ћј¬ј. Berlin.

Works are in collection:
Russian museum, Saint Petersburg
State Tret'jakovskaja Gallery, Moscow

Full address:

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