Anatoli Osmolovsky

1969 born in Moscow
1987 - 88 member of literature group "Vertep"
1988 member of literature critics group "Ministry of PRO USSR"
1990 - 92 leader of a ETA (Art Territory Expropriation) movement author of "Repressive Paradise" (with Dmitry Pemenov)
Since 1993 leader of Revolutionary Competitive Program "Nesezudik"
1992 - 93 curator of "Vita is new" gallery, Minsk
1995 schoolarship from the Senate of Berlin and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien
1995 participates in organization of Union of Student's Council

The author of the book "Revolutionary-repressive paradise"

Personal Exhibitions

"Chechen Kebab" (with "Memorial"), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"My way" (dedicated to Sid Vicious), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"A. Brener / A. Osmolovskiy, Regina Gallery, Moscow
"Hairy Chewing Gum", XL Gallery, Moscow
"Leopards Bursting into a Temple...", Regina Gallery, Moscow

Curator of projects

"Day and Night replace each other" (O. Golosiy one-man show), Regina Gallery, Moscow
Regina Gallery, Moscow
"War proceeds", Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"Dzozef Koshuftu, or Tlin's Civilization" (personal Exhibition Y. Leiderman), Gallery "Vita Nova" , Minsk

Group exhibitions

"Nonconformists...", (collection of museum "Tsaritsino"), Germany
"No man's land", Contemporary Art Center, Сopengagen, Denmark
"Conjugations: Moscow Art scence today", (in project "Kraftmessen"), Kulturreferat, Munich, Germany
"Caravanseray of Modern Art", Assozione culturale Arte Nova, Pescara, Italy
"Hamburg Project", Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
"Identity and Selfhood", Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
"Artist Instead Of Artwork", Central House of Artist, Moscow
"Fluchtpunkt", Ludwig Forum, Ashen, Germany
"Exchange/Dacha", Amsterdam, Holland
International Art Fair, Regina Gallery, Odelon, Germany
Osmolovskiy, Gutoff, Lejderman, Center de Creation Cont., Tours, France
Aperto'93, 45th Veniece Biennale, Italy
"Labour and Capital", ICA, Moscow
"Russian Breakthrough", Gorky's Culture House, Moscow
"Multiplicity Culture", Santo Adgio, Rome, Italy
4th International Biennale, Istambul, Turkey
"Territoria Italiano", Magazine "Documentario - 2", Milano, Italy
"Dangerous Liaisons", Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
"Day of Learning", Regina Gallery, Moscow
ART-MIF, Guelman Gallery, Manege, Moscow
"Labour and Capital", Contemporary Art Center, Central House of artist, Moscow
"Russian break", Moscow


"Party on a turn-key basis" , Politechnical museum, Moscow
"Fight", V.Podoroga's seminar, Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"Nezenzudik's trip in the brombdingnegs' country", in Russian-Dutch project "Exchange", Museum of V. Mayakovskiy, Moscow
Series of street performances-provocations in structure of a Movement THESE ("Fuck", "2. 20", "We feel Colds", "Index finger", "Organization inorganic - Organization organic", "Perusing with fire")
Series of the actions during of a cinema festival "Explosion of a new wave", House of Medicine Workers, Moscow
Teoretical seminar "Terrorizm and text ", Moscow State University, Moscow

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