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Timur Novikov
Saint Petersburg

Тимур Новиков

Born 24 September 1958 in Leningrad
1965 Studied painting in the House of Pioneers of Dzerzhinskiy
district of Leningrad

Enters the Club of Young Art Ctitics of the State Russian
Becomes a member of art group Letopis (Chronicle)
Starts organising underground exhibitions
Works in the State Russian Museum
Gets acquainted with M. Larionov's follower Mariya
Alexandrovna Spendiarova, who has a great influence on him and helps
him in his artistic studies
Founds Novye Khudozhniki (New Artists) group, which
focuses on folk traditions and M. Larionov's theory.
Ther members of the group were O. Kotelnikov, Ye. Kozlov, S.
Bugaev Africa, V. Ovchinnikov, K. Khazanovich, V. Gutsevich, I.
Savchenkov, V. Tsoy, G. Gurianov, A. Krisanov
Organises in his own flat the permanent exhibition ASSA, which
functioned until 1987
Founds the Avant-garde music group Noviye kompository (
New Composers) and starts co-operating with the Populyarnaya
Mehanika Orhestra headed by S. Kuryokhin, also collaborates with
the Kino rock-group as a concert designer
Founds Novyi Teatr (New Thearte), puts on a number of
performances including Ballet of Three Untearables, Anna Karenina
, Idiot, Shooting Skier, where he mixes the aesthetics of Novye
Khudozhniki with alternative fad
Founds the Academy of All and Sound Arts
Takes part as a member of the cast in S. Solovyov's film
ASSA and collaborates with S. Shutov as a designer. For the
artistic design of the movie he is awarded the Nika award for the
first time in the history of Russian Art
Starts to travel actively with his exhibitions to different
countries, where he pursues his artistic education. He attends
lectures of John Cage, Daniel Buren, Hans Haake
Together with Yu. Lesnik and V. Mamychev organises
Piratskoye Televideniye (Pirate Television). He writes scripts,
works as a director, an actor and a designer of video films
Becomes an active participant of rave movement, did designing for
rave-parties, including the legendary 1991 Gagarin-party in Moscow
Founds the New Academy of Fine Arts called upon to preserve
classical traditions in modern art. Professors O. Maslov, V.
Kuznetsov, G. Gurianov, O. Tobreluts, B. Matveyeva, D. Yegelskiy,
Ye. Ostrov, A. Medvedev and a number of talented students from
Russian, Austria, Garmany and France contribute to the Academy's
expositions and educational work
Studies as an intern in the Parisian Institute of
Plastic Arts headed by Pontuce Hulten
The St. Petersburg Museum of the New Academy of FineArts on
Ul. Pushkinskaya, 10 is launched. Ever since it has been the venue
of exhibitions of the Academy's professors and students as a well as
many outstanding painters: Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, Bruce
Weber, Richard Avedon, Pierre and Gill, Alexander Ivanov, Rafael
Santi, Mariya Sinyakova-Urechina, Tsi-Bai-Shi, Fyodor Tolstoy,
Moisey Nappelbaum and many others. The New Academy is currently
involved in extensive exhibition activities in other museums in
Russia and abroad
The New Academy opens its courses in the State Russian
Museum (Michailovsky Palace)
Actively participated in setting up The European Society on
Preserving Classical Aesthetics. Among the Society's members are A.
Nebolsin, A. Zaytsev, Yu. Strausova, Ye. Sheff and many others
Starts publishing in co-operation with Andrey Khlobystin the
Khudozhestvennaya Volya (Artistic Will) magazine
The State Rissian Museum publishes the selection of T. Novikov's
theoretical articles The New Russian Classicism
Collaborates with A. Medvedyev on the books The Capture of
Europe vol. I-II, The Capture of Sense
Publishes Horizons, a compilation of the lectures he had
held in the Leningrad Free University in 1989 covering perspective
issues and Intercontacts, a book about the history of
Leningrad/St. Petersburg's international artistic ties in the last
quarter of the 20th century
Until his demise holds lectures on the history of Arts in
different schools of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Russia
Collaborates with A. Medvedyev on rhe first-ever Russian
biography of King Ludwig the Second, Bavarian
Opens the St.Petersburg Museum Of Contemporary Art on 10
Pushkinskaya St.
Among its other organizers are the New Academy, Museum of
Non-conformist Art and the Institute of the History of Modern Art.

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