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Dima Mishenin
Saint Petersburg

Дима Мишенин

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, 30 April 1972


Sports School of the Olympic Basketball Reserve (Graduated 1989)
The highlight of the sports career was official recognition of 14-year-old Dima Mishenin as the Tallest Boy in the ex-USSR
From 1990 to 1998 Dima was involved in theoretical/empirical research of:
Totalitarian Hindu Cults, Drug Booms, Criminal Revolution, Underground Pornography,
Information Highway Robbery.
His research resulted in his creation of DOPING-PONG art-duet in 1998: Dima Mishenin Himself and his loyal Digital Artist Lova. They started out with the alternative Fine Comics Arts and soon gained recognition as the Digital Gods of Russia.
DOPING PONG invented a brand new artistic technique named by them DIGITAL PETTING, which boomed under their leadership. In 2000 Dima Mishenin presented his first purely Fine Arts projects and exhibitions in cooperation with famous St. Petersburg photographer Andrey Chezhin. From then on DOPING-PONG has lived in many parallel dimensions: on pages of glossy lifestyle magazines, in night raves, commercial advertising, as well as within museums and inside serious academic Arts publications.


1. DOPING-PONG & Andrey Chezhin
Associazione Culturale
Via Lomazzo, 28, Milano, Italy
Arti e Culture
12 November until 22 of December 2000

Bolshoi prospect P.S. 18A
East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis
St.Petersburg, Russia
ANDREY CHEZHIN & DOPING-PONG together with Mark Almond


47 Bolshaya Morskaya St.
St.Petersburg, Russia

4. D-137
Gallery, Nevskiy prospect, 90/92
St.Petersburg, Russia


"DIALOGUES - 2001"

February 2002
Doping-Pong: Digital petting
The Doping-Pong folk program and Organization of culture and education SuperLight Industry present: CultureInformation&AmateurEducation

February 2002
Doping-Pong: GoldieGirl
The Doping-Pong folk program and Organization of culture and education SuperLight Industry present: CultureInformation&AmateurEducation

8. The exhibition was opened from the 6 July to July 26, 2002 in the Nabokov Museum of St. Petersburg and was held in the framework of Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum Festival organized by the Petersburg Foundation for Art and Culture "The PRO ARTE Institute", at:
47 Bolshaya Morskaya,
190000 St. Petersburg, Russia
Doping-Pong & Andrey Chezhin

Multi- Media Arts Project Treatment

The museum was turned into the beach and blanketed with sand. All the viewers were walking barefoot, watching pictures (images). And the beauties in the bathing suits gave them orange juice. Summer music sounded and the amateur video, recorded by the hidden camera in the changing cabins, was shown. In one of the museum rooms was offered pedicure.

9. DOPING-PONG & Andrey Chezhin

"Petersburg the City of Fashion", a joint exhibition together with Yevgeny Mokhorev, was held in the framework of the Second Open Photo Festival in the Photography Museum "Metenkov's House"
11.08. - 10.09.2003.

10. The photo-project exhibition of Dima Mishenin & Andrei Chezhin -
NEOAKADEMIZM ETO SADOMAZOHIZM has taken place in Urbis Gallery,
Manchester. From 6th to 19th October 2003.

Texts by Dima Mishenin have been published in numerous Russian and international magazines: PTUCH, Rakurs, OM, Monitor, World of Design, etc. Excerpts from his stories are quoted everywhere: in "Love in the Sky-Blue", a book of the head sexologist of Russia, Mr. Kon, in "Fakel" - the internet-education magazine. Not only Doping-Pong art-works but also their personal photos from family albums are now of a great interest to editors and business people. Dima Mishenin is committed to the idea of a synthesis of commercial advertising and classical art. At present Doping-Pong cooperates actively with a religionist and art critic Anna Maugli. Dima Mishenin lives and works in St. Petersburg and draws his inspiration from healthy way of life, his childhood memories and Soviet-era movies.

He considers his five-year-old son, Timmy Mishenin, named after professor Timothy Leary to be the Head of Doping-Pong.

Separate events:

Spring 2000 - Dima Mishenin is the author and at the same time the model of the cover for the first Russian edition of Irvin's Welsh "Ecstasy", publishing house Red Fish.

Summer 2000 - was created the company's style and the main image for the Street-Fest-2000 - the first-rated musical and sports street festival for the youth, organized by the Federation of the Extreme sports of St. Petersburg.
First skates with the Doping-Pong design appeared. One of the skates was immediately purchased by DECL, star of Russian hip-hop.

Autumn 2001 - the author of the scenario and the organizer of the Program of the solemn opening and the VIP-reception, dedicated to the exhibition "Russian portrait of the 20-th century" in the Russian Museum. Had directed special multimedia mix, demonstrated directly at the event, and had also produced video film about the event.

October 2001 was held the press conference and the presentation of the label of the group "Messer fur Frau Muller"- HYPERUTESOV in the restaurant "Brasilia".
December 2001 was held the entertaining event "Pin-Up 2", in the floating restaurant Aquarel, with the participation of DJ Leo Young and the presentation of his new record and the opening of the photo project of the photo studio APPLICATION. The Doping-Pong advertising for the "Aquarel" restaurant at the same time was awarded the prize for the most beautiful advertising 2001 in St. Petersburg.
Summer 2002 - Cooperation with the Elton's John Charity Fund - about 100 000 post cards and posters in every college of St. Petersburg with the telephone numbers of help lines for the drug problems.

12 October 2002
Video mix based on the films of the Retro Seduction Cinema Studio at the live concert KID LOCO at the Shuvalovskiy Palace.

19 October 2002
Organization of the first author fashion show in the St. Petersburg history- AntwerpeNight: Walter Beirendonck: Aestheticterrorists.
The night fashion show at the podium, situated at the swimming pool of the inbuilt sports club.

Winter - spring 2003 - the creation of the site
Russian-American company "Creat", made the animated headbands for such computer plays, like "Quake II", "Spiderman", and "Jedi Knight II". It means that it works with such legendary companies like id software, Lucas Arts и Activision.

The summer issue of "Richardson A3", New York hip porno-art magazine, devoted three pages to Doping-Pong works, among such artists as Terry Richardson, Richard Avedon, and Larry Klark.

Contact information:

Official site of Doping-Pong :
(Best site of November 2002 года at 5 500 people visit it every day.

Links for English speaking admirers of Doping-Pong:


From the 12 November 2000 at the contemporary collection at the Associazione Culturale CONTEMPORANEA Arti e Culture - 16 works DOPING_PONG & Andrey Chezhin : NEOAKADEMIZM ETO SADOMAZOHIZM, digital print, 2000, (50 х 100 см), rolled on plastic.Edition: 5
From the 31-st of March 2001 at the contemporary collection of St. Petersburg Museum of V. V. Nabokov - Picture Doping-Pong "Absolute censorship" - 1999, technique digital petting, (33 х 24 см), photo, edition 1.

Many pictures of Doping-Pong are kept in the private collections from Khanty-Mansyisk to New York.

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