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Boris Mikhailov
outside Russia

1938 Born in Kharkov, Ukraine
Lives and works in Germany

Personal exhibitions
If I Were a German. Guelman gallery, Moscow
Up and Down Gallery, Khrakov, Ukraine
Army museum Forum Stadtpark, Gras, Austria
Dom Kino (The House of Cinematography), Moscow, USSR
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
National Bank Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampere, Finland

Group exhibition

"Autumn Exhibition" (Guelman Gallery's Fifth Anniversary), Kuznetskiy most, Moscow
"Photographer and a Street", MOMA, New York, USA
"Art Messe Hamburg, Pauseback Edition Colone-Moscow", Hamburg, Germany
ART Ц MIF' 93, Union Gallery, Moscow
Tokyo Art Expo'92, Union Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Art Messe Frankfurt, Union Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
Albrecht Gallery, Munich, Germany
"Herbarium, Fotogalerie Wein und Kunsthulle Exnergasse", Wein, Austria
Foto Triennale-II, Esslingen, Germany
"Perspective", Rotterdam, Netherlands
"Litsa (Faces), Contemporary Portrait Photography from Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine", Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Photo/Manifesto", Fine Arts Centre Long Island University, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Baltimore, USA
Comegie International'91, Camegie Museum, Pittsburg,USA
"Erotica", Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Accrochage", Koch Galerie, Colone, Germany
"Contemporary Soviet Photography", Kunsthuset, Stockgolm, Sweden
"150 Years of Photography", Prague, Czechoslovakia
"FOTOMOST", Exhibition Hall at Peresvetov pass., Moscow, USA
"Photo-summer'89", Kashirka Exhibition Hall, Moscow
"Panorama Association", Kashirka Exhibition Hall, Moscow
"150 Years of Photography", Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
International Biennale of photography, Turin, Italy
"Contemporary photography from the USSR", Walker, Ursitti, & McGinniss Gallery, New York, USA
"Oppositions" / Fotografie Biennale", Rotterdam Ц II, Holland American Lijn, Rotterdam, Nitherlands
"Eroosio", Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
"The Missing Picture. Alternative Contemporary Photography From The Soviet Union", Mit List Visual Centre, Cambridge, USA
Kodak exhibition, Paris, London, USA, Moscow
"Smile, please", Paris, France, London, Great Britain, Moscow
"Die Zeitgenossische photographie in der Sowjetunion", Museum of Photography, Lausanne, Switzerland
"Another Russia", Museum of contemporary Art, Oxford, Great Britain
"All-Union Exhibition of Photography", Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
Bratislava, Czehoslovakia

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