Tatiana Liberman

Was born in 1964, graduated from Moscow Polytehnicum (depart. of photography) in 1985, and Moscow's Mossovet college (depart. of photography) in 1998.
Her most known solo projects are: "Reconstruction", Goethe Institute, Moscow (1995), "Vegetables, fruit and see food", Moscow House of photography, Moscow (1997), "Home alone", Carre Noir, Paris, France (1999), "Fruit of imagination", Kiev (2002). She also took part in different foreign shows as:
"Photo Manifesto. Photography of Perestroika", Baltimore, USA (1991), "Neue Fotokunst aus Russland", Traveling exhibition, Germany (1994), "Die neue russische Fotografie", Levercusen, Germany (1998), "After the wall", Moderna musum, Stockholm (2000), "Moscow paradise" Salzburg, Wien (catalog) (2003).
Lives and works in Moscow.

Solo exhibitions

2002 Fruit of imaginetion. Kiev.
2002 Cinemania. XL-gallery.Moskow
2001 Плод воображения
1999 Anonimus. XL-gallery.Moskow
1999 Home alone. Carre Noir. Paris.France
1998 Safe sex is my choise. XL-Gallery. Moscow
1997 T.Lieberman. Museum of photography, "Slapiens experimentas" Riga,Latvia
Tales of happines. KUKART festival. Tsarskoe selo,Russia
Vegetables, fruit and see food. Moscow House of photography/Rossinie. Moscow
1996 X-pjsition. XL-Gallery. Moscow
1995 Reconstruction Goethe Institut. Moscow
Window to Euwrope. KUKART festival. Tsarskoe selo,Russia
My magazine for few (with G.Ustiyan) XL-Gallery. Moscow
1994 Projection XL-Gallery. Moscow

Group exhibitions (selected)

2002-2003 "Moscow paradise" Zalzburg, Wien, Wels (catalog)
2001 Память тела. Санкт-Петербург, Москва, Нижний Новгород.
2000 After the wall. Moderna musum. Stokgolm.
1999 Russland ohne zeitgenossische Museum Levercusen, Germany
1998 Russia – reality and dream Russian culture centre, Budapest
Moscow througt the eyes of Russian and foreign photographers. Photobiennale-98.Moscow
Die neue russische Fotografie. Levercusen, Germany
1997 Women of Russia. Guelman gallery, Moscow
It's a better world. Secession. Viena
1996 Renewal and metamorphosis. MIT Museum, USA
Habitus. Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg,
Prospect ' 96 Frankfurt -am – Main, Germany
1995 Russian Photography. Museum of contemporany art, Tampa, USA
Kiev art meeting. XL-Gallery, Ukrainian House. Kiev
Werkstatt Moscow. akademie der Kunste im Marstall.Berlin, Germany
Night over Asia. The Swedish Exhibition centre. Goteborg
Neue Fotokunst aus Russland. Kulturhause osterfeld, Phorzheim. Germany
1994-1995 Neue Fotokunst aus Russland. Treveling exibition, Germany
1994 Contemporary art of photography – Russia, Ukraina, Belarusse. Central house of
art, Moscow
1991 Photo Manifesto. Photography of Perestroyka. Baltimor, USA
Svalbard – Fotografiske Fragmenter. Christiansand. Norwey

Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/people/liberman/

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