Elena Kitaeva (Mao)

1960 born in Ivanovo, Russia
1980 graduated from the Academy of Arts, Minsk
1990 worked for the British National Opera
1992 worked for the Bolshoy Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk
1993 chief designer of Artistic Magazine - the Magazine of the Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
Lives and works in Moscow
The winner of a number of International awards for art advertising and art projects

Personal exhibitions

New Money (in collaboration with Leonid Parfenov & Marat Guelman), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Girl and Death (in collaboration with R.Letvinova), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
New Pack of Cards, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Poster, Graphic Works, Sculpture, State Museum of Fine Art, Vitebsk
Kitaeva, IMA-Gallery, Moscow

Group Exhibitions

«Art Moscow», Central House Of Artist, Moscow
Autumn Exhibition (Guelman Gallery is 5 years old), Kuznetskii Most Exhibition Hall, Moscow
World of Sign Festival, World Logo Center, Ostende, Belgium
3d International Poster Biennale, Mexico, Mexico
EPICA -Europe, Prime-Minister, Creative Work Awards, Final Posters Festival, Anna Freid Gallery, London, UK
Just Before the End, Atrium Gallery, Connecticut State University, USA
7th International Poster Exhibition, Colorado, Fort Collins, USA
3d International Poster Triennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toyoma
3d Biennale of Theater Poster, Pzheslov, Poland
15th Biennale of Graphic Poster, Brno, Czechoslovakia
13th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, Poland
Americano-Soviet Project Center of the Project, Moscow
Soviet Poster, Contemporary Art Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
All-Union Exhibition In the Theater of Posters, Central House of Artists, Moscow
8th Poster Biennale, Lahti, Finland

Selected References

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Rizzoli, New York

Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/people/kitaeva/

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