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Zhanna Kadyrova
outside Russia

\'03\',mixed media on paper, 2005

\'02\',mixed media on paper, 2005

\'Sign\',metal wired concrete, glazed tile, 2005

\'01\',mixed media on paper, 2005

\'LM\',metal wired concrete, glazed tile, 2006

Born 1981, in Brovary, Ukraine.

1989 -1999 finished school of Art by T.G. Shevchenko in Kiev

Projects, installation, painting, sculpture.


ORANGE SUMMER project, Personal exhibition, Regina Gallery, Moscow

"Go, Ukraine, go!" with V.Kozhukhar, M.Mamsikov, S.Zarva, B.Mikhailov, I.Chichkan, M.Shubina, K.Protsenko, V.Tsagolov, A.Gnilickiy, Regina Gallery, Moscow

Art-Moscow 2006 with S.Faibisovich, I.Chuykov, S.Bratkov, V.Kozhukhar, J.Meese, M.Mamsikov, POROLON, S.Zarva, P.Pepperstein, Regina Gallery, Central House of Artist, Moscow

"Brilliants", Center of Contemporary Art, Kiev

"Hot Ukraine Cool Ukraine", Moscow Center of Art, Moscow


"Ukrainian Art and the Orange Revolution", Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago

"Do by yourself", Art-Strelka, Show-window by David Ter-Oganyan, Moscow

"Orange Summer", Regina Gallery, Moscow

"Do by yourself", Show-window by Tomash Vanek, Praga


"Hot-cool impuls in L-Art Gallery", L-Art Gallery, Kiev

"R. E. P." (Revolution Experimental Prostor), Center of Contemporary Art, Kiev


"21 sight", SovArt Gallery, Kiev

"Art Klyazma", Festival in Moscow region

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