Pair Komar – Melamid (Vitalii Komar & Alexander Melamid)

Born Vitalii Komar
Born Alexander Melamid

Graduated from the Stroganov Art School. Became distinguished in the 1970s as co-authors-founders of Sotz-Art (Soviet pop-art)
1974 Their Double Portrait destroyed at the Bulldozer Exhibition
1978 Emigrated to the USA through Israel.

They are among the most popular Russian artists in the West. Articles about their art have been appearing in the media at the average of more then 2 times a month in the last 15 years. Their works got
purchased by the following collections: Museum of Modern Art, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum (New-York), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Museon Israel (Jerusalem), National Gallery (Canberra, Australia), Modern Art Museum (San-Francisco), etc., as well as by the leading
private art collectors, such as Peter Ludwig (Germany), Silvester Stallone (USA), etc. Komar and Melami's duet-exhibitions were
displayed in the Brooklyn Museum, Attenium in Hartford, Modern Art Museum in Oxford, Museum of Fine Arts in Louvre, etc. All together they showed 60 duet-exhibitions and participated in about 70
group exhibitions. The artists work in various genres and techniques: from classical painting and sculpture to conceptual photography and installations. Komar and Melamid have been cooperating with Guelman
Gallery since 1992. The following projects were presented in the gallery: Our Moscow In The Eyes Of A Monkey (1998); The Choice of The Russian Nation (1993); The Running Line On A Step-shaped Pyramid (1992).

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