Yuri Khorovsky

1946 Born in Moldova
Finished Repin's Republican art college
under the tutorship of L.Dubinovskiy
1965 Participated in regional, national and international exhibitions
1980 Member of the Union of Artists

Worked as a sculptor, painter, printmaker
From 1981 lives in Moscow

Personal exhibitions

"The farewell to political winter", Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Destructuralization of the family album", Gallery Dar, Moscow
"7 Railway Stations", (in foto-biennialle), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"The Russians've gone" (in festival "Berlin in Moscow"), Dar Gallery, Moscow
"The obtrusive motif", Dar Gallery, Moscow
"The Jews", Guelman Gallery, Moscow
One Man Show, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
One Man Show, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
One Man Show, Dom "100", Moscow
One Man Show, Union Gallery, Moscow
One Man Show, Imex Gallery, ART-MIF, Moscow
One Man Show, Kishinev
One Man Show, Kishinev
One Man Show, Kishinev
One Man Show, Kishinev

Group exhibitions

"ART-Moscow", Central House of Artist, Moscow
"Results of hunter-exhibition season of 1996-97", Dar Gallery, Moscow
"Olympiada and Art", Nexus contemporary art center, Atlanta, USA
Dar Gallery, Moscow
"Apple's day", Metropol, Moscow
"Autumn exhibition" (5 years of Guelman Gallery), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Moscow", Metropol, Moscow
"New Collection of Russian Government", Moscow
"7th Congress of Russian Parliament...", Moscow
"Stones of Socrates", Historical Museum, Odessa
"Conversion", Central House of Art, Odessa
"New Area for Art", Museum of Visual Art, Krasnoyarsk
"Postmodernism in Russia", Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow
Hamburg Art Messe
"Nostalgia", American Trade Center, Moscow
7 Distance communication": "Aspex Gallery" Portsmouth, Britain; "Kunstnernes" Arhus, Denmark; "Reykjavik Art Museum", Island; "Storm Gallery" Amsterdam, Nederland, Moscow; Guelman Gallery, Moscow; "Galeria Nova" Bratislava, Slovenia
"Diaspora", Central House of Artists, Moscow
Group exhibition, "NA-NE Gallery", Budapest
Group exhibition, "369 Gallery", Edinburgh
"Babylon", Place of Youth, Moscow
"Ideal Project of Soviet Art Market", Central House of Artists, Moscow
"2+1", Moscow
"Artists from Moscow", Moscow

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Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/people/horovsky/

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