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Dmitry Gutov

ƒмитрий √утов

Dmytry Gutov at the exhibition in the workshop of Kabakov. 2004. Photo - Dmitry Novik

1960 Born in Moscow
1992 Graduated from Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture of the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg

Lives and works in Moscow.

The innovatory character of Gutov's works is in his surprising ability to create his own unique author's amalgam, a new aesthetical fusion from completely diverse sources Ц researches in pure painting, sometimes bordering on the abstract, graphic design, Eastern calligraphy, conceptual tradition, intellectual studies in Soviet and World Culture. The phenomenon of Soviet Culture, which became the subject of analysis for Moscow conceptualists, was fundamentally rethought by Dmitriy Gutov. He discovered the legacy of the Marxist philosopher of the Arts Michael Lifshitz Ц the live stream, which for the artist is full of topical ideas and connected not so much with the past, as with the future. Dmitriy Gutov made his legacy topical, having created from it a regular intellectual event (The Lifshitz Institute). Spontaneous artistic work is often linked with the transformation of intellectual fetishes into the pictorial sensitivity of the traditional canvas.

Alexander EVANGELY



"For the Proper Movement of the Wrist, Guelman gallery, Moscow
"Thaw-Disgelo", Nina Lumer Gallery, Milan
"Iteration, Return, Canon, Slowdown, Stupor", State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

"Everything I've Done Before the Age of 70 Doesn't Count", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"The Deep Blue Colour Of His Skin Shows Just How Self-Absorbed He Is", Matthew Bown Gallery, London
"Collective creativity", Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel
"The Excess of Disinterested Contemplation", Cine Phantom Club, Fitil' Cinema, Moscow

"Conversation about unclear pas of brash", (with Konstantin Bokhorov), Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

"I am alien at this fest of life" Moscow Fine Art, Moscow

"Mam, Dad & Champions League", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

"Mam, Dad and TV", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Blind", The Museum of nonconformist art, St-Petersburg

"Exercises", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

"The town Urupinsk 1997", Photobiennale'98, Moscow

"Dilettantism in art", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

"Mihail Lifshitz Ц 90 years", Contemporary Art Centre,Moscow

"Above black mud", Regina Gallery, Moscow

"Sixties, once more about Love", with Ye.Andreeva, Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
"Portraits", Action, Regina Gallery, Moscow

"As I've become an Artist", with Yu. Albert, Laboratory of Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow

"The Little Nothings of Our Life", Gallery in Trehprudniy alley, Moscow



Artist's Diary. Special project of Marat Guelman Foundation within the 1st Moscow Biennale. Central House of Artist, Moscow
Thaw. 15 years of M. Guelman Gallery. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Russia 2. Bad News from Russia. WHITE BOX, New York
Contested Spaces in Post-Soviet Art: Russia Redux #2, Sidney Mishkin Gallery, New York
Mercury in Retrograde, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam
Interrupted Histories, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana
Russian Art, Sotheby's (exhibition hall), New York

"Russia 2", Central House of Artist, Moscow. Special project of the Guelman Gallery within 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
Collective Creativity / Kollektive Kreativitat, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel
Hope-Stop! Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Accomplices: Collective and Interactive Works in Russian Art from the 1960s to the 2000s, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Portrait of a Face, Marat Guelman Gallery at M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
In the Shadow of Heroes, 2nd Bishkek International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bishkek
Russia! S. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Russia Redux #1, Schroeder Romero Gallery, New York
Russia 2: Bad News From Russia, WHITE BOX, New York
Russian Video Art, Progress Festival, Vooruit Cultural Center, Ghent

"Phanomenologie der Konservenbuchse" (The Phenomenology of the Soup Can) Ц Stella Art Gallery, Moscow
Love, Erotica, Sex, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow
Superwoman, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
Lifshitz for Beginners, Sem Bruk Gallery, Moscow
Privatisierungen/ Privatizations, Kunstwerke, Berlin
My Kabakov, Stella Art Gallery, Moscow
Meditation on the Motherland, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg
System of Coordinates, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb
The Seven Sins, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana
Exercises, ArtKlyazma Open Air Art Festival, Moscow region
Art Moscow Workshops, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Landscape, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
Za Czerwonym Horyzontem. Aktualna sztuka z Polski i Rosji / Beyond the Red Horizon: Contemporary Art from Russia and Poland, Ujazdovski Zamek, Warsaw; National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Mixed Media II, Daimler Chrysler, Berlin
Act of Mercy, ArtStrelka, Moscow

"New beginning", Contemporary art from Moscow. Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
Werkelijkheidshorizonten / Horizons of Reality, Museum of Contemporary Art (Muhka), Antwerp Neue Ansatze. Zeitgenossische Kunst aus Moskau, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf
Berlin-Moskau / Áåðëèí-Ìîñêâà, 1950-2000, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin; State Historical Museum, Moscow
Mikhail Lifshitz, ArtKlyazma Open Air Art Festival, Moscow region
Still Life, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow Art Constitution, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
A New Countdown: Digital Russia with Sony, Marat Guelman Gallery at Central House of Artists, Moscow
Lifshitz Institute: The First Axiom, S'ART Gallery, Moscow

25 Bienal de Sao Paulo, Iconografias Metropolitanas. Pavilhao Ciccillo Matarazzo. Parque Ibirapuera. Brazil
Äàâàé! Davaj! Postfuhramt, Berlin
Art Moscow Workshops, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Moscow: Paradise 2002, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna
Portrait, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

"Russian Madness", The 1-st Valencia Biennial, Las Atarazanas, Valencia
"Russian Madness II Ц Summer Benefit", Water Mill, New York
Art Moscow Workshops, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Iskusstwo 2000 (Neue Kunst aus Moskau, St. Petersburg und Kiew), Kunstverein Rosenheim Russian Madness, First Valencia Biennial, Las Atarazanas, Valencia
The Ecology of Art in the Industrial Landscape, Museum of Fine Art, Nizhny Tagil
Body Memory (Underwear from the Soviet Epoch), State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg; Central Exhibition Complex, Nizhny Novgorod; Central House of Artists, Moscow; Volkskundemuseum, Vienna; City Museum, Helsinki

"Delicate, sweet taste", University library, Warsaw
Museum Quarter, Museum of the Arts, Zelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk-45)
The Art of Eastern Europe in Dialogue with the West, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
L'autre moitie de l'Europe (Projet, utopie, construction), Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris
Bons baisers de Russie, Festival Garonne 2000, Toulouse
World Wars Ц World Values, The Museum of the Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk

"ACT 99. Art-Communication Tour", Linz, Moscow
"Crashlanding @ Moscow", Improvisational project Ц Meg Stuart, Moscow
"Fauna", Zahenta, Warsaw
The Idea of a Museum of the USSR, Andrei Sakharov Museum, Moscow
The Inspiration of Lightness, Moscow
Zeitwenden, Kunstmuseum, Bonn
Crazy Double, Central House of Artists, Moscow

1998 Ц 2000
"Praeprintium. Moskauer Buecher aus dem Samizdat." Staatsbibliothek, Berlin; Universitaet, Bremen; Minoritenkloster, Graz; Oesterreichischen Nationalbibliothek, Wien

Art Moscow International Art Fair, Maly Manezh, Moscow
"Fauna", New Manege, State Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow

"Compromat", M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Moscow Ц Uryupinsk: From Russia with Love, Uryupinsk Ethnographic Museum, Uryupinsk
The Verbal Sequence in Contemporary Russian Art, Orosz Kulturalis Kozpont, Budapest
History in Faces: Modern Russian Art 1956-1996, Municipal Exhibition Hall, Nizhny Novgorod; Museum of Fine Art, Samara; Picture Gallery, Perm'; Museum of Fine Art, Ekaterinburg,

"Interpol", Centre for Contemporary Art, Stockholm
"Manifesta 1". Pan-European Art Manifestation, Rotterdam
Anti-Fascism and Anti-Antifascism, Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
Incriminating Evidence, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

"Kunst im Verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995", Summlung des Staatlichen Zarizino-Museums, Moskau. Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg
"Ergebnis", Galerie am Marstall, Berlin
"On Beauty", Regina Gallery, Moscow
46th Venice Biennial, Russian Pavilion, Venice
Conjugation: the Moscow Art Scene Today, Kraftemessen, Kunstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Strasse, Munich

"Hamburg Project", Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
"2nd Cetinjski Biennial", Cetinje, Montenegro
Displacement and Change, Cywaith Cymru Artworks, Bangor, Wales
New Gaze, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow
Identity, Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow

"Trio acoustico: D.Gutov, Yu. Leiderman, A.Osmolovski", Centre pour la Creation Contemporaine, Tours
Trio acoustico: Dmitri Gutov, Yuri Leiderman, Anatoli Osmolovski, Centre de Creation Contemporaine, Tours Art as Power, or Power as Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Conversion, Marat Guelman Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow

"Questions of Art", L-Gallery, Moscow
"3rd International Istanbul Biennial", Istanbul
The Apology of Remaining Behind the Wall, or First-Hand Art, Regina Gallery, Moscow
Diaspora, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Moscow Romanticism, Central House of Artists, Moscow
On Transparency, Yuri Gagarin Pioneer Camp, Zimenki Village, Moscow Region

Solitary Pursuits, Exhibition on Solyanka Street, Moscow
Aesthetic Exercises, Kuskovo Museum-Park, Moscow
Mama Cosmos, Propeller Gallery, Moscow

Zen, Exhibition Hall on Kashirskaya Shosse (Sadovniki), Moscow
19th Youth Exhibition, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow
To and Fro, Proletarsky District Exhibition Hall, Moscow
For Cultural Relaxation, Proletarsky District Exhibition Hall, Moscow
Traditions of Russian Painting, Moscow Historical Museum, Moscow

"Inexpensive Art", First Gallery, Moscow
"Beyond Genre", Palace of Youth, Moscow

18th Youth Exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall (Manezh), Moscow
Eidos, Palace of Youth, Moscow

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