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Linor Goralik

Линор Горалик

Born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine in 1975. Immigrated to Israel in 1989, then moved to Moscow at the beginning of year 2001. Education - BSc, Computer Science, Beer-Sheva University. Worked as programmer, lecturer, developer of educational materials, manager, business director. Right now does nothing forher living but "writing letters". Editor of Culture Depratment of Grani.Ru online magazine, columnist of Grani.Ru, "Books Review" newspaper and ".txt" magazine, permanent author of "The Russian Journal", ".txt" magazine, "XXL", "Elle", "Paradox" and other magazines. Prize winner of few literature contests, proze published in "TextOnly", ".txt", "Modern Russian Literature" magazines and online zines.

Started to perform as an artist in 1999, in Israel and in Moscow. Among the latest actions and exhibitions - Save The Puhskin, Unreal Hares in Support of The Real Hares, "Pity but Don't See". Genres - drawing, objects, hand-made books.

List of publications and articles in "The Russian Journal"
"Neurotics // Erotical and Pornography in the Contemporary Culture" column
Very New Prose
See, a Live Bird!
Not A Single Word of War or Love
Action/Exhibition "Unreal Hares in Support of the Real Hares"
Action/Exhibition "Pity But Don't See" in Guelman Gallery

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