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The ESCAPE programme

The ESCAPE programme (used to be called ESPACE till 1999) was created by an artist Valeriy Ayzenberg in 1999. In the same year the artists Bogdan Mamonov, Anton Litvin and Liza Morozova joined him. In the activity process the programme structure was defined, it included joint projects of the programme members (ESCAPE group) and ESCAPE gallery (exhibitions and performances of the group members and some invited artists arranged within the gallery area or on some other grounds).


2006 Ц "QUARTETTE-7". Project "Sound of Silence", Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel.
2006 Ц "STEM BY STEM", multimedia project. Art-Moscow International Fair, Moscow.
2005 Ц "CHORUS", video performance. Festival "Europalia", Brussel, Belgium.
2005 Ц "TOO LONG TO ESCAPE", interactive slide installation. Russian Pavillion, 51st Venice Biennale.
2005 Ц "ESCAPE Travel Agency Ц 5". Installation-performance, "Accomplices", First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
2005. "DIZZINESS-1", video installation. "Human Project, First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
2004 Ц "AT-TEN-SION". Project "OK AMERICA", APEXART-gallery, New-York.
2003 Ц "WHERE THE WIND BLOWS". Art-Kliazma Festival, ћосква.
2003 Ц "PIRATES", installation-performance. Art-Moscow Fair, Moscow.
2002 Ц "MOTHERLAND EXCHANGE", multi media installation. Art Frankfurt Messe, curator's choice.
2002 Ц "WE FIND PEACE ONLY IN DREAMS". Art Moscow Fair Workshops, Moscow.
2002 Ц "... KNOW AND LOVE", environmental installation, Art-Moscow International Fair, Moscow.
2002- "BEAUTE FREE". Project "FAIR", Royal College of Art, London.
2002 Ц "ESCAPE Travel Agency", installation-performance. Postfuramt, Berlin / MAK, Vienna.
2001 Ц "ESCAPE Boutique", installation-performance. Art-Moscow Fair, Moscow.
2000 Ц "LIZA AND THE DEAD Ц 2", installation-performance. Art-Manege Fair, Moscow.

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