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Erbol Meldibekov
outside Russia

Sculptor, video- and photo-artist
Born in 1964 in South-Kazakhstan. Currently lives and works in Almaty.


Almaty Theater and Fine Arts Institute, Department of Monumental Sculpture
Vermont Studio Residency for visual artists, organized by CEC ArtsLink (USA).

The impressive images of Erbol Meldibekov became the emblem of the Central Asian pavilion in the Biennale in Venice.
A good artist expresses the collective unconscious. Erbol creates the image of Asia as a psycho-aesthetic cocktail, which is difficult to convey, in which aggression and obedience are mixed with the reality of the mass reprisals of people in Andijan and Bishkek. The art of Erbol is stunningly visual and spontaneous. This is the art of direct action, which excludes enjoyment and aesthetic searches. For him force as a form of primeval power is connected with instincts, with the Eastern type of self identity. That's why he transforms force into art. The emotional response to the provocative exposure of the situation is, for Erbol Meldibekov, far more valuable than the internal problems of art. Both the essence of that shocking, for the West, reality which was created by Medieval authoritarian power and the perception of the generalised image of Central Asia by the West are concentrated in the precise and harsh images of Erbol.

Alexander EVANGELY



Prize for best foreign work on "25 Salon Mladin", Zagreb, Croatia

First Prize of International Jury of the Second Annual Exhibition of SCCA "Communications: Experience of Interaction"



"Rebels". Together with Alexey Kallima, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin
"Hyper Muslim (Pastan) ", M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Personal exhibition in "VN" Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

"Tlon – I do not know such a country", Directorship of Art Exhibitions, Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Tlen – I do not know such a country", Directorship of Art Exhibitions, Almaty, Kazakhstan



Thaw. Fifteen Years of Marat Guelman Gallery. Marat Guelman Art Foundation. State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg
Artist's Diary. Within the framework of the Special Projects of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. M. Guelman Gallery, Marat Guelman Art Foundation, Central House of Artists, Moscow

51 Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
"Tamerlan Syndrome" Exhibition, Orvieto, Italy

"Pueblos y Sombras", Canaia Galerie, Mexico City
"Privatisierungen", Zeitoenossische Kunst Avs Osteuropa Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
"Ideas in Motion" Alfieri Atelier Cinema, Florence

"No mad's land", House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany
"Abseits der Seidenstrasse" Kunst und Kultur aus Zentralasien. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Berlin.
"Politik-um. New engagement", Prazhski Grad, Prague, Czech Republic
"Re-orientation", ACC Gallery, Weimar, Germany
"Trans Forma". Center for Modern Art, Geneva, Switzerland

"Le tribu dell' Arte", City Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, Italy
"Province: Between Europe and Asia", Shyryaevo Village, Samara Oblast, Russia
"Art Moscow", M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Second Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art "Communications: Experience of Interaction", "Atakent" Exhibition Complex, Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Asia yesterday-today-tomorrow", Benteng Vredeburg museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
First Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary art "Self-identification: Futurological prognosis", "Moscow" Shopping Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan
"IV International", Central State Museum of History, Almaty, Kazakhstan
"Art Forum", Berlin, Germany
"25 Salon Mladin", Zagreb, Croatia
"Chimeras", Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

"A Parade of Galleries", Kasteev State Museum of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Kazakh Art – Old and New", Karenina Gallery, Vienna, Austria
"Exhibition in the Abai House", London, Grea t Britain

"Zhiger", Young Artists Exhibition. Exhibition Hall of Artist Union, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Photocoverage of the exhibition Hyper Muslim (Guelman Gallery, 2006)

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