Gor Chahal

1961 born in Moscow
1972-76 study in a drawing in studio Tatiana Kiparisova
1983 first poetic experiences
1985 finished with distinction Moscow physical-engineering institute on a speciality «The Applied mathematician»
1985-87 organised group «Parallel actions», acquainting Moscow rock - stage with poetic performance (with poet Arcadiy Semenov)
1987-88 With a composer Camil Chalaev and group «The underground» created creative association «Theatre - post», carrying out the whole number actions and performances, among which are the most known: «The Earth and Factory», «Afonasiy», «AIDS in the time of Plague»
1988 Realised a number of the joint projects with group «Champion of the world»
1988-89 made a series «hermetic» actions
1989 transit from actions to virtual performance
1993 expanded art practice to a level postinstallation
1994 start working with virtual sculpture
1995-96 grant of Berlin’s Academy of Arts
2000 begin to developing a theory and practice of active imagery

One-man shows

2003 «Maria». Gallery M.Guelman, Moscow
«Gor Chahal». www.chahal.ru
2002 «Fallen». State Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
«Mein Gold» (Zolotie Moi). Gallery M.Guelman, Moscow; NoName Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland
«Chorus». Art Moscow Workshop, Central Hous of Artist, Moscow
2001 «Bitter». Art Moscow Workshop, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2000 «Joy». Fine Art, Moscow
1999 «Protest Song». Fine Art, Moscow
«Love». Sandmann + Haak, Hannover, Germany
«Love». www.guelman.ru/love
1998 «Gor Chahal 1989-1991» (retrospective show). Photobyennale’98, Manezh Gallery,
Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1997 «Love». Guelman Gallery, Moscow
«MAN». Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow
1996 «309,6 K». Exhibition hall «Fenix», Moscow
«Human-faced art». L-gallery, Moscow
1995 «Eye arming». Scola Gallery, Moscow
1993 «The Fields». Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 «I’m striding on the water». Galeria Sprovieri, Rome
1991 «On the bottom». First Gallery, Moscow
«Black light». Gallery on Trekhprudny Lane, Moscow
1990 «Gor Chahal». First Gallery, Moscow

Group exhibitions
2003 «Art digital 2003». Contemporary Art Center «M'ars», Moscow
2002 «Big Fillings» (Love Tapes). Quartier Museum, Vienna
«Moscovos Laikas». Siuolaikinio Meno Centras, Vilnus
«Moscow time». Nizhniy Novgorod brunch NCCA, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
2001 «ISKUSSTVO-2000» (Contemporary Russian Art). Kunstverke, Rosenheim, Germany
«Milan Europe 2000». Milano di Triennale, Milan, Italy
«Utopiana». Contemporary Art Center «Hay Art»,Yerevan, Armenia
2000 «New Russian Art». Fine Art Museum, Ivanovo, Russia
«Serials». Manezh. Moscow
«Media Graph». State Contemporary Art Centre. Kaliningrad Branch. Koeningsberg
1999 «Art-communication tour». Galerie der Universitat fur Gestallung, Linz, Austria; Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
«Neo VHUTEMAS». Exhibition project of State Contemporary Art Centre and Jaroslavl Contemporary Art Centre "Ars-Forum", "Ars-Forum", Jaroslavl. Russia
«Contemporary Art Museum in Moscow». Exhibition project of State Contemporary Art Centre during First International fest of museums "INTERMUSEUM – 99", Expocenter, Moscow
«Neo VHUTEMAS». Exhibition project of State Contemporary Art Centre during International art salon CDH\19, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998-99 «Fauna». Maliy Manezh, Moscow.
Exhibition project of State Contemporary Art Centre «A..S.P. dedicated…».
Travelling exhibition of russian artists during fest «Pushkin and contemporaneity».
Contemporary Art Centre "Ärs-Forum", Jaroslavl, Russia;
Municipal art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia; Pless State History-architecture and arts museum, Ples, Russia;
Nizhegorod's Fine Arts Museum, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia; Nizhnetagil's Fine Arts Museum, Nizhniy Tagil, Russia;
Ekaterinsburg's Fine Arts Museum, Ekaterinsburg, Russia; Perm's State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia;
Nesterov State Fine Arts Museum, Ufa, Russia; Samara's Fine Arts Museum, Samara, Russia;
Kazan's Fine Arts Museum, Kazan, Russia
1998 First International Biennale. Institute of Arts, Gumri, Armenia
«Contemporary Russian art». State Contemporary Art Centre, Fine Arts Museum, Nizhniy Novgorod
«Exploitation of Photography». PHOTOBIENNALE’98, Contemporary Art Centre, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
«People and Fashion in New Culture». PHOTOBIENNALE’98, Moscow House of Photography, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
«ARTOTECA». State Contemporary Art Centre, ARTMANEZH’98, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1997 «Ecology of Emptyness». Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow
«Take it off. Put it on. Live it like that». Maliy Manezh, Moscow
«I’m walking in Moscow». Maliy Manezh, Moscow
«Credo». Golitsinskie Palati, Moscow
1996 PHOTOBIENNALE’96. Moscow House of Photography, Exhibitions Hall «Kuznetskiy Most», Moscow
«In-version». 16 NHPV, Nizhniy Novgorod
«ARTOTECA». State Contemporary Art Centre, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1995 «Winter Garden». Exhibition hall "Fenix", Moscow
«View behind the Horizon». Exhibition Hall in Belyaevo, Moscow
«Moscow - Erevan. Kovcheg question». Museum of contemporary art, Erevan
«Copyright - 96». Aidan Gallery, Moscow
«The House». Exhibition hall in Belyaevo, Moscow
«Contemporary Photographic Art from Moscow». Ifa-Gallery, Berlin
1993 «Collection RINACO». Central House of Artists, Moscow; Caisse des depots et consignation, Paris
4 th Annual Joury Exhibition. Synchroncity Space, New York
«Art as a power, power as the art». Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 «A Mosca ... a Moska». Villa Compoletto, Ercolano; Galeria Communale d’Arte Moderna, Bologna
«Moscow romanticism». Central House of Artists, Moscow
«Modern Moscow Art». Seibu Art Forum, Tokio
1991 «Rome - Moscow». Galeria Sprovieri, Rome
«Aesthetic experiments». Kuskovo Museum, Moscow
1990 «Sommer Atelier» (Junge Kunst in Europe). Messegelende, Hannover, Germany
«For cultural Rest». Exhibition hall "Kashirka", Moscow
«Inexpensive art». First Gallery, Moscow
1989 «Unfinished work». K. Zvezdochetov’s studio, Moscow
«New Peridvizniki». Luggage boot of automobile "Volga" - Gas 24, Moscow - Leningrad
1988 «The Labyrinth». Central Palace of Youth, Moscow
18 All-union Exhibition of Young Artists. Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow
«AntiSotheby’s». S. Shutov's studio, Moscow
1987 «First randezvous». All-union Theatrical Society, Moscow


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Works in collections

State Russian Museum, Sankt-Pitersburg
State Tretjakov Gallery, New Trends Department, Moscow
Moscow House of Photography, Moscow
State Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
Kemerovo Regional Fine Arts Museum, Kemerovo, Russia
Quartier Museum, Vienna
Contemoirary Art Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Absolut Vodka Collection, Michel Roux, New York
Paolo Sproviery, Italy
Nina Gruen Collection, San Francisco
Nancy and Norton Dodge Collection, Jane Voofhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, USA
Piter Pakesh Collection, Vienna
Private collections in Russia, Germany, Franch, Italy, Switzerland, USA

Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/people/chahal/

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