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People: alphabetical index

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Group «AES» & «AES+F» (Moscow);
Semen Agroskin, painter (Moscow);
Juri Albert, artist (outside Russia);
Tanya Antoshina (Moscow);
Yuri Avvakumov, artist (Moscow);

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The Blue Noses Group, artistic group (Novosibirsk);
The Blue Soup (Moscow);
Alexander Brener, artist, poet, art-critic (Moscow);
Alexander Brodsky, artists (Moscow);

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Gor Chahal, artist (Moscow);
Aristarkh Chernyshev, artist (Moscow);
Ivan Chuikov, artist (Moscow);

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Vladislav Efimov, artist (Moscow);
The ESCAPE programme, art group & gallery (Moscow);

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Yevgeniy Fiks, artist (outside Russia);
Olga and Alexander Florensky (Olga Florenskaya, Alexander Florensky) (Saint Petersburg);

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Alexander Gnilitsky, artist (outside Russia);
Linor Goralik, writer, artist, journalist (Moscow);
Marat Guelman (Moscow);
Dmitry Gutov, artist (Moscow);

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Kanat Ibragimov (outside Russia);

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Zhanna Kadyrova, artist (outside Russia);
Alexey Kallima, artist (Moscow);
Yuri Khorovsky, artist, sculptor, printmaker (Moscow);
Eugenia Kikodze, Art Critic, Curator. (Moscow);
Alyona Kirtsova, artist (Moscow);
Elena Kitaeva (Mao), artist (Moscow);
Anna Kolossova, Media-artist (Saint Petersburg);
Pair Komar – Melamid (Vitalii Komar & Alexander Melamid), artists (outside Russia);
Valeryi Koshlyakov (Moscow);
Alexander Kosolapov, artist (outside Russia);
Oleg Kulik, artist (Moscow);

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Tatiana Liberman, artist, photographer (Moscow);
Georgy Litichevsky, artist (Moscow);
Anton Litvin (Moscow);

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Diana Machulina, artist (Moscow);
Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, artist (Saint Petersburg);
Pair Martinchiki (Moscow);
Andrei Medvedev, artist (Saint Petersburg);
Erbol Meldibekov, sculptor, video- and photo-artist (outside Russia);
Boris Mikhailov, artist (outside Russia);
Dima Mishenin, photographer (Saint Petersburg);
Viktor Misiano, Art critic, writer, editor (Moscow);
Viacheslav Mizin, artist (Novosibirsk);

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Tatiana Nazarenko, artist (Moscow);
Timur Novikov, artist (Saint Petersburg);

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Nickolay Okhotin, literary critic and curator (Moscow);
Anatoli Osmolovsky (Moscow);
Georgy Ostretsov, artist (Moscow);

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Pavel Pepperstein, artist, writer (Moscow);
The Artistic Group PG (Moscow);
Dmitrii Alexandrovich Prigov, artist,writer (Moscow);
George Pusenkoff (outside Russia);
Vitaly Pushnitsky (Saint Petersburg);

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Gia Rigvava, artist (Moscow);
Alexander Roitburd, artist (outside Russia);

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Pair Salautin – Fain (Denis Salautin & Dmitry Fain), painters (Moscow);
Vladimir Salnikov, painter, video artist, art critic (Moscow);
Arsen Savadov (outside Russia);
Pair Savadov-Senchenko (Arsen Savadov and Senchenko Georgy), artists (Moscow);
Yuri Shabelnikov, artist (Moscow);
Alexander Shaburov, artist (Moscow);
Yuri Solomko, artist (outside Russia);

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Avdei Ter-Oganian (Moscow);
David Ter-Oganian, artist (Moscow);
Olga Tobreluts, artist (computer graphics) (Saint Petersburg);
Vassily Tsagolov, artist (outside Russia);

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Ira Waldron (outside Russia);

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Alexander Yakimovich, critic (Moscow);
Vladimir Yankilevsky, artist (outside Russia);

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