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Pre-opening of the M. Guelman Gallery exhibition "RUSSIA 2"



January 18 Ц February 15, 2005

Central House of Artist, halls 22-27
(Krymsky Val, 10)

Pre-opening: January 18, 5 PM
Press-opening: January 18, 4 PM

The pre-opening of the M. Guelman Gallery exhibition "RUSSIA 2" will take place on January, 18 in the Central House of Artist, Moscow.

The exhibition "RUSSIA 2" is the starting point for the cognominal large-scale project aimed at creating the cultural system which would be parallel to para-governmental by means of collecting creative people on the access-free artistic work-ground. The project unites the literary, artistic, performance initiatives in the frame of an internet-portal, exhibitions, literary digests, artistic actions...

The "RUSSIA 2" project, which acts as a cornerstone of the starting project, shows the 30 renowned contemporary Russian artists exploring the subject of the "other Russia" lying beyond the scope of the para-governmental, officious culture. Practically all the works displayed at the exhibition have been made specially for the "Russia 2" exhibition and haven't been shown yet before.

The exhibition is in the programme of the Special projects within the First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Participating artists:
AES group, Alimpiev, Belyj, Bratkov, Brodsky, Bystrov, Vinogradov&Dubossarsky, Gutov, Kallima, Koldobskaya, Koshlyakov, Kosolapov, Kulik, Liberman, Litvin, Mamsikov, Nemirov, Icing Over Architects group, Avdey Ter-Oganjan, Ostretsov, "Ostengruppe" and Horovsky, PG group, the Blue Noses group, the Blue Soup group, Fillipov, Tsagolov, Chahal, Chernyshev, Shabelnikov

During the show-time of the exhibition its five halls will be transformed into a stage for performances by Dmitry Prigov, Guerman Vinogradov, Masters of the OsumBez (Gone Mad Crazies) Partnership and for a presentation of the publishing house "Ultra.Cultura". In the frames of the "Russia 2" exhibition the guitar fest will be hold on February, 10-11 in the Central House of Artist.

The exhibition "Russia 2" will be open in the Central House of Artist January 18 Ц February 15, 2005
The exhibition will be followed by other actions of the "Russia 2" project in the near future.

Information about the project: Ц "Russia 2" News

1. by taking the invitation in the M. Guelman Gallery
(Mon.-Sat, 12:00-19:00. Malaya Polyanka Str., 7/7-5)
2. by registering by phone or email (, # 8 916 799 70 36)

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