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MODUS R. Russian Formalism Today
December 2006, Art Basel Miami Beach


Culture Mission Foundation, Moscow

To present exhibition

Russian Formalism Today

04.12.2006 Ц 12.12.2006

Newton Building, Miami Design District, 3901 NE 2nd Avenue


General Information

Art Basel is a major international art fair and forum, attracting the world's leading institutions and galleries. The show has been held in Switzerland for thirty-six years. Since 2001, Art Basel has also been held at Miami Beach in Florida. Every year, thousands of collectors, dealers, curators and representatives of leading museums of modern art flock to Miami, where works by the classics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are on display and sale in a single exhibition space.

This year, the authoritative jury has invited 195 international galleries from 28 countries to contribute to Art Basel Miami Beach. The participants will show art by over two thousand masters of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Last year, Art Basel Miami Beach attracted a record number of 36,000 visitors.

Art Basel Miami Beach is a unique event. Opening the doors to private collections and foundations, the fair offers a fascinating insight into the richest collections of art in America. At the daily discussions and round tables, experts from all over the world exchange their experiences of holding exhibition projects, developing new concepts, and insuring and evaluating works of art.

The Russian Project

For the first time ever, Russian art is represented by a special, separate project at Art Basel.

This year, Samuel Keller, director of Art Basel, and Craig Robins, the famous collector of contemporary art, expressed their interest in the presence of contemporary Russian art in the show's official program. Craig Robins ranks the Russian project in importance alongside the exhibition of design from the Centre Pompidou. The Russian project has been supported by Nic Iljine (director of corporate development in Europe and the Middle East, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation) and the Russian Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications.

Independent curators Olesya Turkina and Yevgenia Kikodze present the Modus R exhibition of works by artists from Moscow and St Petersburg. The exhibition shows art genetically linked to the world-famous school of Russian Formalism Ц works created over the past twenty years by contemporary Russian artists in new technologies and diverse forms, including painting, graphic art, photography, video, animation, installations and objects.

Modus R is held in the prestigious Miami Beach Design District, in a building designed in the 1970s by American architect Walter Chatham. The Newton Building is one of the top exhibition sites in Miami.

Project Concept
Yevgenia Kikodze, Olesya Turkina

Modus R can be translated as Modus Russia, Modus Reconstruction or Modus Revolution. The artists contributing to Modus R do not slavishly follow canons. They demonstrate the practice of avant-garde art, only in modern conditions. The title of the exhibition sounds like an industrial label, a work of science fiction or a DJ set.

Today, modernism is regarded as both a source of revolutionary impulses and a priceless collection of innovative aesthetic practices. The revival of avant-garde practices takes different routes. On the one hand, artists are driven by the desire to go beyond the established social contract and the diktat of the market. On the other hand, they also seek to master the devices and tactics of artistic influence on ideology and the ways and means of conquering the social space.

The contributors to the project are Victor Alimpiev, Kirill Ass, Pyotr Bely, Elena Berg, Bluesoup, Sergei Bugayev-Africa, Philipp Dontsov, Alexandra Galkina, Zhanna Kadyrova, Irina Korina, Anton Litvin, Vladimir Logutov, Oksana Mas, Andrei Molodkin, Natalia Nosova, Iced-Over Architects, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Kerim Ragimov and David Ter-Oganian.

The exhibition shows around forty works created in different media.

Saw Ц special project curated by Elena Kuprina and supported by Alexander Esin

The Modus R exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of a ten-meter sculpture designed by Moscow artist Andrei Filippov. This is the world premiere of this unique monumental work.

Andrei Filippov's sculpture takes the form of a multi-meter stainless-steel saw cutting through the earth's surface. The visual concept lies in the similarities between the teeth of the saw and the jagged outline of the Kremlin wall.

Andrei Filippov was born on Kamchatka in 1959. He graduated from the studio school at the Moscow Arts Theater. The artist is represented by works in the Tretyakov Gallery, Samara Museum of Art, Ludwig Museum and many other prestigious art collections.

Modus R is organized by the Cultural Mission Humanitarian Programs Foundation

The exhibition is sponsored by:

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