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Moscow buildings. Letters to the Editor

Kevin O'Flynn, The Times

Sir, A construction boom in Moscow is destroying swaths of the old city (report, May 20). What the communists failed to complete, uncontrolled capitalism is finishing off.

In Russia's young capitalist market, the demolition/construction business is highly profitable. Over the last 12 years, according to Alexei Komech, head of the arts history institute in Moscow, more than 400 buildings, some from the 17th century, have been destroyed, including 60 listed buildings that by law should be untouchable. Future generations will wonder how their capital's heritage was so brazenly wiped away.

A number of foreign and Russian preservationists, architects and historians have formed the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society, to encourage the proper restoration of old buildings and convince the city authorities that the continued demolitions are not in the city's long-term interest.

Yours faithfully,
(Co-founder, Moscow Architecture Preservation Society),
c/o Post International,
44 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5PS.
June 8.

The Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS) (Moscow)

Kevin O'Flynn's series of articles "Tearing Down Moscow" in The Moscow Times

IRINA TITOVA. A group of foreign journalists working in Moscow on Thursday announced the creation of a group aimed to preserve the many architectural treasures and raise awareness about what they say is the fast-paced destruction of a history that took centuries. // Associated Press, 31 May, 2004

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