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In Transition Russia 2008


The international exhibition In Transition Russia 2008 is opening in Moscow in NCCA 11th of November. List of participants numbers over 100 artists from every corner of the globe.

The project is organized by NCCA (Russia); NeMe Ц an independent arts organization, based in Limassol (Cyprus); Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA, Cyprus) with Latinis Foundation. Project curators are Sheila Pinkel (US), Helene Black (CY) (international participants curators), Alisa Prudnikova (RU), Kseniya Fedorova (RU) Ц (Russian participation curators).

The central issue of the project is the problem of transition, transformations and changes that take place at the social level and at the level of the personal identity. Participating artists will try to investigate the questions of cross-cultural and international interaction, religious conflicts, mass migration, the role of the new media and new technologies in the present-day life. Among the participants there are such artists like Rob Chiu (GB), Cao Fei (China), Peter Lyssiotis (Cyprus), AES+F group (Russia), etc.

There will be two exhibitions in the project. First Ц special program of video-art The Drift Ц is opening 11th of November in NCCA (with the participation of the curator Lee Wells (US). The main exhibition of In Transition Russia 2008 will be opened in NCCA the 28th of November. The 2 of December there'll be the presentation of the international project In Transition (assisted by curators and participating artists).

The exhibition In Transition Russia 2008 was first shown in Yekaterinburg (October 2008). The international scientific conference also took place in the network of the project (venue: Ural State Gorky University). The exposition in Yekaterinburg will be closed in the middle of November and then it will be relocated in Moscow.

Current project In Transition Russia 2008 is the second exhibition of the international program In Transition (first took place in October in Cyprus). The project was initiated by NeMe with Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA, Cyprus) and Latinis Foundation. Project curators were Sheila Pinkel (US) and Helene Black (CY).

Exhibition The Drift is working in NCCA from 11th till 23th of November
Exhibition In Transition Russia 2008 is working in NCCA from 28th of November till 22th of December
Venue: NCCA (National Center of Contemporary Art), Zoologicheskaya str., 13/2

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