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Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art
August 25 – November 25


The Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art will open on the 25th of August. Founded in year 2001 it now presents its fourth edition and offers an exiting start to the autumn's cultural season.

The title of this year's biennial is Rethinking Dissent – on the limitations of politics and the possibilities of resistance, and is curated by Joa Ljungberg and Edi Muka. Presenting works by 28 artists and artists' groups from many different parts of the world the exhibition will spread to five different venues in Gothenburg: Röda Sten, Röhsska museum, the Old Post Office, Göteborgs Konsthall and the gallery Kaustik. The curators have conceived of the exhibition as a mental and physical journey that shall offer a strong experience to the viewer.

With the biennial's 4th edition the curators wish to encourage reflection on the condition of the political and the meaning of resistance in a time characterised by a dominance of a globalized market. A "scoundrel time", according to the philosopher and sociologist Slavoj Zizek, when even the political left has adjusted to the functioning of a globalized market economy and thus ceased to offer any real political alternative.

Moreover a time in which our lives and our understanding of the world are strongly affected by a continuous state of war – a war that is widely presented and explained to us as a clash between traditionalist Islamic fundamentalism and modern liberal democracy. Is this supposed ideological antagonism the main reason for today's transnational conflicts?

By exploring important aspects of the global condition we are living in, the exhibition shall encourage us to think beyond our doorstep and reflect on our time and what happens in the world around us. Strong aesthetic expressions combined with more process-based approaches; existing works as well as newly produced projects will together lead us on a journey that resembles tracing mental routes, always requiring our active participation and inner involvement.

The biennial's Satellites offer an exciting complement to the main exhibition. The biennial's curators has offered locally based artists, curators and galleries to stage their own exhibitions and events in dialogue with the biennial, by using a common theoretical platform as point of departure. The biennial presents six satellite exhibitions which will enrich the event in the same time as they highlight the Gothenburg art scene.

A substantial pedagogical program constitute an important complement to the exhibitions and will offer activities such as a symposium, artists' presentations, guided tours, workshops and courses.

Röda Sten Culture Association is the main organising party of the 4th edition of the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, a decision that was taken by Gothenburg's culture committee in May 2006.

Preparatory work is ongoing and further information will run accordingly.

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