DG-CABIN by Olga Kisseleva & Vincent Tordjman

DG-CABIN by Olga Kisseleva & Vincent Tordjman

VILLETTE NUMERIQUE / Cite des sciences et de l'industrie / Paris
Sep 21st – Oct 3rd / 10h – 18h30

"Cabin" is both a small house which children build themselves to play in the garden or under the dining-room table; a captain's cabin in a boat or in a plane, which contains the command-board; and a kind of temporary house, the crossing point of the modern nomads, whose principal anchoring point in the real world is the network plug..."DG" comes from "digital", but also from "DJ".

The work is based on a special protocol of interactions between a game and an network of DG-Cabins – animated metal sculptures, which provide a feedback on the gamers who takes place inside. The feedback does not intend to fit exactly the game but to create extended reality feelings, a certain amount of random events. It works as if the player actions were analyzed and answered to by the cabin with some kind of a moral sense, punishing or rewarding the player depending on what he is doing inside the game.

With support of DICREAM, CRITTMECA Ile de France, Contemporary Art Centre Passerelle, Brest.

Full address: http://www.gif.ru/eng/news/dg-cabin/

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